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  1. Hi Nigel, Thank you for the helpful information. Jill
  2. I am a new owner of a Lenni, and I need advice for three issues that I have encountered while quilting a queen size quilt. 1. The brake on the take up roller isn't tight enough when the weight of the nearly completed quilt is rolled on it. I have engaged the brake as tightly as I can, but it still releases. How do I rectify this? 2. I have occasional issues with the needle down button. It doesn't happen every time, but sometimes the needle goes down, raises and then automatically goes down a second time. I've noticed this when I am at the end of a row and I want to pull up the bobbin thread so that I can cut both threads. For example, my stitching ends in the needle down mode, so I press the button to raise the needle. Then I move the machine to lengthen the needle thread. Then I re-position the machine in the original location and I press the needle down button again. It goes down, raises, and goes down again. I then have to repeat the process of moving the machine to lengthen the needle thread and it usually works fine the second time. Is this a problem with my technique or with the machine? 3. I am almost at the end of quilting a queen size quilt. There is excess fullness in the quilt top toward the end of the quilt. What can I do to prevent this from occurring with my next large project? My quilt appeared to feed evenly throughout the process because the seams in the quilt remained parallel as I completed the rows and advanced the quilt. I attached pictures for clarification. I am scheduled to attend my new owner's lesson later this month. Thank you, Jill
  3. Thanks Connie. I have already searched their website. I'm sure that it wasn't Hobb's Heirloom or Warm and Natural, but I don't remember the brand name. I just remember that the paper that was included in the roll was printed with bold black print.
  4. Thanks Connie for posting the picture of that batting holder. That's a great idea!
  5. Hi Everyone,I purchased some cotton batting by the yard from JoAnn's a few weeks ago. I liked it because it was light weight and thin, but not too thin. Now I can't find it at my local store or on their website. Unfortunately, I didn't save the paper that was included within the roll, and I don't remember the name of it or the manufacturer. I hope that you will be able to help me find it. I seem to recall that the paper was white with black lettering, and it said something about it being a vintage type of batting. I think that an old date was part of the name. It is 100% cotton, and it was slightly less expensive than the other batting sold by the yard at their store.Does this sound familiar to anyone?Thank you!Jill
  6. Here is a link to view the product: https://www.qualitysewing.com/dream-world-sew-steady-ruler-base-ruler-table-for-long-arms.html I'm curious to know if any of you have purchased this ruler base for your longarm machine. It is much less expensive than the Hartley Base Extender. Sew Steady makes quality products, so I'm tempted to order one. Jill
  7. LOL! I don't mind the pins. I cut up a pair of flip flops into small chunks, and I stick the pins into those pieces instead of using safety pins. I'm so excited about getting Lenni! George is a fantastic machine, but I don't plan to keep him. I listed him for sale on the forum. Thank you again for your advice. Jill
  8. Thank you Brenni, Jim and Sharon for your helpful advice. Lenni with the Bliss system and M bobbin on a 10 foot frame is what I decided to get. I placed the order today. Jill
  9. 2014 Gently used George with table in Baton Rouge, LA. Asking $4200. It works great. I’m selling it because I ordered a Lenni. The price includes the closed toe Flip Flop foot, the Peek a Boo Foot ($85), the original style open toe ruler foot, and also the newer style ¼” Saddle Shoe ruler foot ($200), an extra Style L bobbin case, 12 aluminum bobbins, a bobbin winder, extra needles, extra lights attached to the throat, and the instruction manual. I have the original box for George, and I will box the table if you want it shipped to you. The buyer is responsible for shipping costs.
  10. Thanks Jim for the added info. I have looked at all of my options for where to put it in my house, and a 10 foot frame is the one that I should get. A 12 foot frame is simply too big for my house, and it suits my quilting needs. I'm even considering the 8 foot frame since most of my quilts are 60 x 72 I've read that the M bobbin causes more tension problems than the L, but you have had the opposite experience with it. I use Bottom Line thread in the bobbin, so does that affect which bobbin I should get? I like the idea of fewer bobbin changes. Brenni, I'm curious to know how the 2019 model increased the quilting field as compared to earlier models. What is the maximum depth that you are able to quilt? Jill
  11. Hi Brenni, Thank you for answering my questions. I didn't realize that there was a design change and that the new Lenni gives more quilting space than the older model. Do you know which model year the change was made? You put my mind at ease with ordering Lenni and having the Bliss system added. I hope to find a gently used one that is within driving distance, but the current sale on refurbished machines is tempting me to buy a new one. Do you have the small bobbin or the large one? Jill
  12. Hi Jim, Thank you so much for giving me a detailed explanation. It was very helpful. My question about the XL Twin is regarding the amount of quilting field that is lost as the quilted quilt is rolled up. FWIW, I live in a warm climate, so I use thin batting. My favorite is 100% bamboo by Winline textiles, so my quilts will not be as bulky as they would be with a thicker or more puffy batting. Most of the quilts that I make are about 60 x 72". I have pieced one king size quilt, and I didn't think that i would ever finish it. I would like the ability to quilt a queen size, but I would be willing to pay someone to quilt a king size. I have 13' 7" of available space along one wall. But, there is a closet on an adjoining wall, so the louvered doors would reduce the available space to 12' 8" when they are open. I don't want to block access to that closet. Would a 12' frame work in that space and still allow me to maneuver around it? A 10 foot frame would fit the space better. I would like to have a stitch regulator and the ability to layer my quilts on a roller system. I enjoy ruler work, and I suspect that method would be easier with a stand up system. I enjoy custom quilting, but I would like to have the option to use a pantograph. A friend told me that Lenni would not allow me the ability to quilt a 12" block on point. My response was that I would not make quilts with that design if that is a limitation of the machine. I just don't want to end up with too little quilt-able space as the quilt is rolled up. Many people rave about the Bliss system on the forum, but I'm concerned that it might cause the machine to move too easily for me. I visited a Handiquilter dealer before I purchased George, and I tested their Simply Sixteen machine on their Little Foot Frame. That machine moved far too easily for me. It was so sensitive that I think that it would have moved if I blew on it. I am under the impression that the Bliss system isn't needed with Lenni because it isn't as heavy as the larger machines, but I don't know if that assumption is correct. Jill
  13. Hi Brenni, I see that you sold a Lenni machine and that you bought another one. Will you please share your thoughts about Lenni? I have a George and now I’m thinking about buying a stand-up longarm machine. What is the largest quilt that you have quilted with it? Have you encountered a problem with the quilt-able space when you quilt a long quilt such as an XL twin size? Did you order the Bliss system on your new Lenni? If so, then please comment about your likes and dislikes about it. Have you encountered any limitations? If so, then please elaborate. Thank you! Jill M
  14. Thank you for the suggestion. I purchased a book called "Quilting in Sections" by Marti Michell, and then I found her class on Bluprint. She has some ideas which should be helpful for me.