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  1. Looks like you have it right, it can be confusing for sure. Sharon
  2. Love Circle Lord!!! Kinda hard to explain but It needs to face you at the back of the machine, as the little hole is used to line up your next row, Sharon
  3. Hi, i also try to use a thin batting for the bigger quilts. This helps. Sharon
  4. IF, what you need is the apparatus that screws to the machine and supports the stylus I have an extra one. I do not have the little metal bracket that secures appratus to the machine, but you should be able to find another bracket that will work. You can have it for the price of a small flat rate box. PM me if you are interested. Sharon
  5. Hi, I have one I would sell. It's for an APQS without thread cutter. I'd sell it for $50.00 plus whatever the shopping costs would be. Sharon
  6. Audrey, sometimes the top thread doesn't feed smoothly off the cone or spool. The thread when feeding off the spool gets embedded and then gets trapped/caught so it won't unwind evenly so therefor your top thread is pulled too tight and breaks. Try a different top thread, additionally the same scenario can happen with the bobbin thread. Sharon
  7. You will really enjoy Lenni!!! Finishing my own quilts is so rewarding. Sharon
  8. I'm going to jump in here, Jill you won't be sorry if you go with the 12 ft table, I promise. After spending the $$$ for a long arm it's hard to justify sending out the larger occasional quilt you MIGHT want to do. If I had a tight space I would consider getting casters so I easily move my LA to accommodate available space. When is use you could pull it out and when not in use you could push it back against the wall out of the way. Anyway, that's my opinion--and I love my Lenni! Sharon
  9. Hi, if the basic system you are looking at is for a Lenni then it will work fine.  I bought a used CL basic off eBay that was for a HQ 16 and it works perfectly. If you want measurements/pictures of my system to compare I can do that. Good Luck I love my CL.  Sharon

    1. MyGreenEnvyBags


      Thank you Sharon!  That is super helpful.  The one I am looking at was on a Millennium, which would be too big.  I will keep looking for one that was on a Lenni or an HQ 16.  There has to be one out there for me...lol!   Thank you very much!  

      Kind Regards,


  10. Ohhhh Terry, wow you really did create a masterpiece. I love it and I'd name it The Butterfly Effect, or maybe not. Please keep sharing. Sharon
  11. Wow, you are one very talented woman. I love it! Shoulda won a ribbon!
  12. I have a Ruler Mate, without thread cutter, for sale. $65.00, plus shipping. Or save shipping as I am in the KC area and would be willing to meet at the KC Quilt Festival in Overland Park, in June, or ?? I bought it for my Lenni, but it is more suited for machines with a larger throat as on my Lenni the sewing field was too small with the Ruler Mate attached. Won't use and needs to go, Sharon
  13. Wow oh Wow, you are soooooooo talented. It is always a treat when you show your quilting, thank you for taking the time to post. Viewing your art gives me a mental boost. Sharon
  14. Hi, what size needle- I've found some fabric/batting combinations need a 4.5 needle. You might try a larger needle. Good luck and let us know when you find what works, I come here often to troubleshoot. Sharon
  15. Hi, IMO it would depend on how you plan to use it, your budget, how much the machine cost, and what extras will come with it. I bought a used 2011 Lenni a little over two years ago, have done some 50+ quilts with no problems (after the first 7-8 months learning curve) and I am absolutely delighted with it. But I don't have a business, don't ever plan on adding a computer, and use Circle Lord boards almost exclusively. The older Lenni's have the vertical wheels and the tables aren't bliss compatible so I feel my circles aren't too great---but this may be an excuse for lack of skill. Also, if
  16. Hi, I'm no expert---not by a long shot, but I might check the batting and whether the scrim is on the bottom of the quilt sandwich--this has caused me some problems in the past. Other than that you have already gone thru my check list when I have problems. But, please let us know what solution you find as I will add that to my list of things to check in the future. Sharon
  17. Hi, My opinion/experience would be to buy a 12 ft table and then maybe angle it a little bit to fit in the room better. I haven't seen the room setup as in doors or closets, but I'll bet you could accommodate a 12 foot table. I used to have a different quilting machine on a 10 ft table and found that to be limiting. I know 10 ft is 120 inches but you can't quilt the full 120 inches and where is the machine when loading the quilt except "in the way". Sooo if you were asking me I would say get the 12 foot. Sharon
  18. Hi, I would like Stars and Loops by Linda Taylor if it is still available. I need an E2E for quilts of valor projects. Shipping would be to a 66007 zip. PM me for address and payment info. Thanks Sharon
  19. I had this same question, I was tired of replacing blades after only a short time and some blades even from the same package didn't seem equal. So a friend gave me a Martelli cutter to try, that had the guard broke, guess she didn't think about replacement parts. I contacted the company and they sent me a new guard, spring, and a new bolt, at no cost to me. When she gave it to me she put in a new blade and that was two months ago, It is still cutting well. I just finished (almost) Bonnie Hunter's On Ringo Lake among other smaller projects, so I have used it a fair amount. I am not necess
  20. OK, I don't do Facebook and really, really hope you all continue use this forum! When I do a search, I can see that at one time the forum was extremely active, I wish I was here then, but I've only had a longarm for a couple years.. I so enjoy all of your posts, pictures and comments, you all have guided this novice more than you'll ever know. The information and inspiration is priceless! I realize it takes everyone's participation to have a great forum but I feel it is worth it. Anyway that's my thoughts. Sharon
  21. Hi, lucky you--- there's a Milly on EBay in Florida for $3,000 might check it out. Sharon
  22. Hi, I bought a used Lenni off this forum in 2016, and couldn't be happier. I just quilt for myself and yes my Lenni is worth every penny. If you have the room and one is in your budget I'd say go for it. Also, if I have a question or issue that can't be answered with a search on here, APQS is just a phone call away. I have always been treated at APQS like I just purchased their most expensive new machine, Anyway that's my two cents. Sharon
  23. Mary Beth, the next time you are going to Prairie Point let me know, I'd like to meet you. I live maybe 10 miles west of there. Sharon
  24. Barbara, I'm sorry, but not sure these are Circle Lord boards, perhaps someone on this forum can help identify make. I want to stick with Circle Lord, thanks anyway, Sharon
  25. Barbara, yes, I want the Circle Lord Baptist Fan Boards. Do you have PayPal or how do you prefer payment? I did not get your message, try to pm me again then we can trade information. Thanks, Sharon
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