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  1. Just because a longarm is 30”, shouldn’t mean one couldn’t work, free hand, in the center or closer to the front of the table, but a a 30” head for computer work, would seem to me to be a total time saver. The fortunate thing is, I’m 5’10” with very long arms, so it really shouldn’t be an issue for me, though the resale value might be affected.
  2. Thanks, Sue . . .I’m leaning more toward IntelliQuilter since it seems more “Mac Like” and I’ve been a Mac user since the late 1980s, using photographic and design software. But as a Mac user, I like having one place to go to when there’s a problem . . .not calling and being told “that’s a Dell problem” or “That’s a Windows problem” . . .so am imagining, if something goes wrong, running into “that’s an Intelliquilter problem” or “that’s an APQS problem”, LOL I’m driving to Dallas for an APQS roadshow in January, and have made an appointment for private time afterward, and the APQS dealer is going to set something up with IntelliQuilter too, which I thought was helpful. Seems like the 30” Millie would be able to handle more rows of stitching before advancing the system which would greatly reduce quilting time.
  3. If one were planning to have a panto quilting business, what would be the most quilts one could do pantos (IntelliQuilter or Quilt Path), using a Millie 30, per day?
  4. I did a search on this forum and can’t find any comparisons this year. Software changes rapidly. Could someone please provide a link to a recent discussion comparing the two and short of that, maybe just answer the question? Software is a huge expense and I really do want to make the right decision and have already scoured the internet. Thank you -Robin
  5. So it doesn't actually come with a table, but does include table accessories?
  6. HandiQuilter makes a good set of swag templates that I currently use on my sitdown Tiara II. I'm still in the shopping stage for a standup longarm and have never tried them on a LA . . .but I can only imagine all rulers and templates would be easier on a longarm.
  7. Is this machine really located in Sequin Texas or do you mean Seguin Texas?
  8. Does it have L or M Class Bobbin? And what size table? -Robin
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