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  1. The only panto available is the Along Came a Spider Set. The others recently sold.
  2. I researched my options before buying. Since I live in a rural area with no close dealer support, one of the reasons that I chose IQ is because of the large number of available lessons online. I purchased the full system. I find it easy to navigate within the system and easy to use. Since purchasing it last month, I have quilted 15 quilt tops and 4 table runners in a mix of edge to edge and custom. Support has been excellent! Debra
  3. Updated available pantograph list: Along Came a Spider Set
  4. Clematis, Feather Me, Spaced Out, Blooming Feathers, Brenda's Tulips, Mint Julep Set, Rhapsody Set, and Sorbet Set have been sold.
  5. I am selling my stash of paper pantographs for $10 each plus shipping for individual designs and $20 each plus shipping for the pantograph sets. Some are new in package, some new but out of package and some used. (Retail price on the pantographs is $16.50 and $48 for the sets plus tax and shipping.) 1. From Urban Elementz: Agave, Angel Wing Begonia, Blast Off, Brush Fire, Christmas Doodle Trees, Clematis,Continuous Baptist Fan, Deck the Halls, Fanfare Grande, Feathers ala Mode, Fiesta, Kandinsky,Leapin Lizardz, Lorien's Sweet Pea, Love Doodles #3, Mexican Carpet, Modern Squares, Prism, Square Fold,Swinging on a Star, Threadz, Touchdown, Vroom Vroom, Will O' The Wisp, Willow, Yippee Ki Yay. 2. From Golden Threads: Drift, Feather Me, Maidenhair, Oak Leaf 3. From Digi-tech: Christmas Cardinals,Funky Chickens, Lil Fishies, Miami Mingo, Square Spiral 6",Square Spiral 7". 4. From Willow Leaf Studios: Feathered Leaf-Sm, Spaced Out, Velvet Queen. 5. From Anne Bright: Blooming Feathers, Brenda's Tulips. Sets from Urban Elementz: Sets include block and panto variations. Along Came a Spider Set, Hyacinth Grande Set, Kimono Set, Mint Julep Set, Mykonos Set, Rhapsody Set, Sorbet Set. Thanks for looking. Debra
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