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  1. I have a new smart bobbin winder, I am having nothing but problems with it. My bobbins look like birds nests. Followed the videos on threading and still having a difficult time .Any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks
  2. I also have a table that is to long, can they be cutdown? Mine is equipped with the bliss system. I wonder if APQS is able to do this
  3. Congratulations, very exciting have fun. Let me know how you manage, I just ordered my Lenni today and I am a bit nervous as Iwill have to teach myself. We are not anywhere near a dealer. Dena G
  4. Hi Sheila, I am just getting ready to order a Lenni, the apqs representative told me that you can quilt up to 100" on the 10ft frame and up to 120" on the 12ft frame. I am trying to decide which size to order. Hope that helps Happy quilting Dena G
  5. How many stitches on this machine and was it used as a personal or in a business. Live in Kelowna B.C., so can meet in Alberta easily Does anyone know what changes have been made in the 2016 Millie compared to the 2009 machines
  6. I am looking at the Lenni and wondering if I need to purchase the Bliss system. This machine is lighter so can anyone tell me if it is worth the extra money for this size of machine Thanks Dena G