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  1. This sophisticated Machine belongs to my Aunt. I brought her here to Southern California as she was alone in PA., and couldn't be alone anymore. I packed up all her belongings and they were shipped here. I'm not familiar with the quilting world and sadly don't have time to learn, although I'd like to! I have this "new" machine of hers which she will never be able to use, as she is now in a nursing home. I cannot find the sales receipt, so therefore I don't know how long ago it was purchased, but she has been here for about a year. I believe the machine has never been used. The frame, which is by Phoenix is not assembled. The machine itself is marked TL18 TinLizzie ESP. It has handles in the front and back. There is a box of accessories but no manual. Although I don't have a record of the purchase I know the suggested retail for this setup from the brochure. So I'd like to get somewhere around $5,500.00 or the best offer. Thank you, should you have any questions or would like photos, please let me know.!