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  1. I live in The Villages Florida. It is about 1 hour north west of Orlando and 1 hour north east of Tampa.
  2. For sale is a 2014 Tin Lizzie Ram 18 quilting machine with a Falcon 10' frame. The frame can be made to expand to 14". You will receive the manuals, bobbins, needles and all equipment that came with this machine. This is an affordable machine. This machine works fine. My business is growing and I am upgrading to a larger machine. This Tin Lizzie features 2 LCD displays, one on the front and one on the back. There is a selection of many stitch modes including a stitch regulator, constant speed, and tie off modes. This Tin Lizzie can be stopped in a needle up or a needle down position. This machine has an bobbin winder which can wind a bobbin while you quilt. It is the large M size bobbins. This machine has 2 sets of handlebars, one in the front and one on the back. This machine has a laser which allows pantagram quilting using the handlebars in the back. $4000.00 or best offer. If you pick up the machine I will show you how it works. I live in The Villages Florida which is 1 hour northwest from Orlando and 1 hour northeast from Tampa. . We could mail but it would be at your expense. It would probably be a couple hundred dollars. We would also meet you somewhere with a days drive. Contact me and I am sure we could work something out.
  3. If you are still looking, I have a 2014 Tin Lizzie Ram 18 for sale. It is a stich regulated machine, laser setup for pantographs. The Falcon frame is currently 10 feet but could easily be a 12 foot frame. I am selling because my business is growing so I am getting a larger machine. This is a great machine and it works fine. $4000.00.