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  1. Well we got something, not sure it will work. My husband is swearing at the moment! one of those red wires (pink plastic connectors) came apart. and he is having a x!X! time of getting the black washer/gromment one! He has to take the whole winder apart to get to where you put it.! I think I got a lemon on the winder. For it to break after only 6 bobbins. have a nice day
  2. yes, Support got back to me. and basically I had to open the box. " On the inside there is a black rubber grommet that could have come loose and just needs to be put in place again. The information will show you the inside of the machine and where the parts go. Also the switch sometimes will get out of place, but if you can’t push that moon shaped mechanism over the grommet behind it could be out of place." I wish it was that easy, the Black Rubber is actually broken, so not I need to try and find one the same size. I have added instructions for others if their winder stops worki
  3. New user, Lenni, brand new turbo winder. Last week I did my first quilt, it wound 6 bobbins great (L size). today when I am ready to try my second quilt it will not wind. The motor runs, but the bobbin will not turn. I have the thread between the disks, tried winding the bobbin once, but it just will not turn. I have tried with and without the little black washer for 'L' size bobbins. but it still will not wind. Any suggestions short of taking the turbo winder apart and checking the inside.