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  1. dianedamico

    Firmware Update Button on Millie 30

    Hi Angela, I have received a firmware update notice on my 2016 Millie and having seen this post I removed the pantoshelf and see a box bolted to the bottom of the carriage. Can't see the sides but when shinning a light up I see something that looks like a button (picture 2). Stuck a ruler up there and depressed the button for about 5 seconds. When I hit ok on the screen notification it goes away then comes back (suggesting pushing the button didn't work). What should I do next?
  2. dianedamico

    Quilt Path Manual

    Hi Barb, I have also sent a friend request (I think) as I'm disappointed in the resources available for QP. I've read the manuals and watched the videos, what has happened to Dawns promise of a more indepth manual from 2013? What measurement is the grid in QP design and when I resize a design there and go to quilt it why does the system resize it from 2 inches to 7 inches??
  3. dianedamico

    Roller Brakes

    Does anyone have two brakes, one on each end? I don't think the tension on the quilt back is even with just the one brake.
  4. When I have my Millie on regulated stitch mode and am free motion stitching the machine continues to move even when I stop stitching and take my hands off the handlebars. it sort of hops around and takes some random stitches. Is this normal or does my machine need some adjustment?
  5. dianedamico

    Can I use new wool duvet as batting for a quilt?

    Thank you for your input, it makes sense. I was going to use the duvet as the batting between the sandwich but I see your point about the quilting on the duvet, although it's quite minimal it would present an uneven batting under the quilt top. Guess I'll just get a duvet cover for it and offer it to her if she feels the quilt won't be warm enough for our Canadian winters.
  6. I have a new wool duvet from Australia that I would like to use as batting in my granddaughters quilt, It's wool encased in 100% cotton cover. I have a Mille, will I have a problem quilting it if I use this as batting?
  7. I'm a new Quilt Path user and was quilting a quilt, going along just fine. When I was shutting down for the evening I decided to check whether there were any Windows updates and there were. So I updated then updated the QP drivers and the next time I went to work on my quilt the calibration was off. I set up an 8 x 16 triangle to quilt and QP shows it as 5.882 x 11.668. Does anyone know how to fix this?