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  1. Hi There, I have a Millie with Quiltpath. bought it last year.  I was doing ruler work with the correct  foot hopper foot and table with ruler provided. Lots of stops and starts. Before that lots of free-motion on several projects.

    When I would  stop stitching. The needle stayed down. Pushed the up needle and noticed the light was orange not green. the thread would get stuck on the bobbin and  will not pull up. using the fly wheel I was able to release the bobbin thread.  It would work sometimes then back to  the same problem. I cleaned the bobbin and made sure that there wasn't any thread or lint. decreased and then oiled it and  still same problem, The stitch length and tension are great.. just the needle up and down position out of sync. 

  2. Unable to set safe area. path finder doesn't do the complete first steps. like move by itself.The needle is up millie in the center. click on pantograph and the set safe area appears again. I set it. path finder doesn't set it. This is my second time on mille. IT worked several days ago.. is this my future with the software issues? yikes.. please help. thank you..


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