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  1. Just gorgeous! Great original design and your quilting looks great!
  2. Huge congratulations! I wen to the show on Wednesday and the competition was fierce! So many amazingly quilted quilts!
  3. Love it! Great summer quilt! Your background fills are perfect for the quilt!
  4. Vicki G

    Sports Quilt for Donation

    Very nice! Love the meander you chose to quilt!
  5. Congratulations Cindy!
  6. It would be an awesome phone call to receive, wouldn't it!
  7. Vicki G

    Day and Night quilt

    Very nice! Well done!
  8. Vicki G

    Love pink and brown quilts

    Gorgeous quilting!
  9. Beautiful quilting! Great designs!
  10. So sorry for your losses. Quilt whatever will make you happy on this quilt! Clam shells will look great!
  11. It's getting closer!!! I never win anything either, so good luck to you!!!
  12. Beautiful! Love the texture of the hairpins!
  13. Vicki G

    Flatlining on back of quilt intermittently

    Just curious - was the tension better after you adjusted the guide or was it better after your rep came out? If better after the rep, what did the rep to to make it better?