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  1. Thank you Gail. Thanks for the circumference of the handles. The handles at the handle mount don't move up and down, that's the measurement I was interested in because that's always going to stay in the same spot.
  2. Hi, I'm looking to find out the measurement from the bottom of the handles to the top of the quilt when loaded. And also how thick are the handles? It's kind of an odd question, but I want to compare it to the machine I have now. Thanks for your help! Vicki
  3. Huge congratulations! I wen to the show on Wednesday and the competition was fierce! So many amazingly quilted quilts!
  4. Love it! Great summer quilt! Your background fills are perfect for the quilt!
  5. Very nice! Love the meander you chose to quilt!
  6. It would be an awesome phone call to receive, wouldn't it!
  7. So sorry for your losses. Quilt whatever will make you happy on this quilt! Clam shells will look great!