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  1. Looks like the accepted offer isn't going to finalize so the package deal above is still available. Below is a more comprehensive list of items included with the quilting machine BUT THE STENCILS CAN'T BE FOUND AND ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE. 1. 26 paper pantographs 2. 6 Mylar pantographs 3. Books/documents a. Owner’s manual b. Assembly Manual c. Follow the Line Quilting Designs by Mary Covey d. Professional Machine Quilting Workshop binder by Marilyn Badger e. 250 More Continuous Line Quilting Designs by Laura Lee Fritz f. Machine Patterns – Romance Collection by Hari Walner g. Instruction booklet to make Long Arm Side Extensions – Clamp Extensions h. 6 booklets/folders by local professional quilter Grace Allen i. Graffiti Ink ii. Flowers, Flowers Everywhere iii. Transformations iv. Gracefull Lines v. Echo Explosions vi. Beginning Mach Quilting – Beyond Basics i. Binder of continuous quilt patterns collected by me separate from those listed above 4. Base extension/expander 5. Hartley Fence 6. 8 Rulers/shapes a. Hartley Rulers- French Curve, Scallop and Waves. b. Unmarked 8" and 11" straight rulers with handles so look like they came from Hartley. c. Grace Anderson custom rules- a 5.5'' Straight Curve, 13.5" Sea Monster and a 13" Centipede. 7. 4 extra elastic pieces to clamp sides of quilt 8. Leader Grip System – 12 foot system for 3 rollers (leaders). It’s already been installed. There are 2 extra shrink wraps and the longer leadergrips for 144 inch sewing area. 9. Extra circuit board with installation instructions (sent by APQS when I thought the machine wasn’t working. It had been so long since I had used it, I simply forgot all the turn on switches.) 10. Small box of miscellaneous replacement parts that came with the original machine. We’ve never needed them and don’t really know what these parts are. 11. 110 rolls of thread, only a few with small amount used. They are mostly in 2 special clear plastic carrying case for easy use, ID and access. Brands are: a. Natash b. Mega Sheen c. Sulky d. Superior Color Concepts by Marilyn Badger Thank you!
  2. If anyone is interested in this package, I'm happy to consider an offer. Thanks Carol
  3. APQS Millennium – 14’ table – many extras – $10,500. Very light personal use. Purchased new in 2002 and completed about 20 quilts. The machine was in storage from 2004 to 2015. Finished a backlog of 20 quilts in the last year. Just moved & now we are looking to move again. I don't know if we'll have room for the machine. This machine works perfectly. § Power Roller Advance § Multi positional handles § Height adjustable table § Horizontal and vertical directional locks § Stitch regulator – set the stitch length and it makes uniform stitches no matter how fast or how slow you go § Synchronous belt drive system § Self-lubricating bushings § LED lighting § Simple disc thread tensioner § Laser stylus for pantographs § 26” throat size § Bobbin winder EXTRAS – most never used § Hartley Fence § Hartley base expander § Hartley fence stencil kits § Hartley perfect circle maker § Multiple rules (unused) including paisley, straight edge, scallop & waves § Batting rack § Dozens of spools of Marilyn Badger art thread § Dozens of paper pantographs & some Mylar pantographs § Miscellaneous other notions to make this a complete and ready to use unit The value of this package is over $17,000 but it’s priced at $10,500. It is set up in southern Oregon so you can try it out. We can help disassemble and pack for you or your transporter. We have a decent guest room for overnight stay for buyer. Possible transportation to CA or northern OR. Happy to answer questions. Carol