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  1. I don't know about the number of quilts, but everything else about the Fall show is smaller than the Spring show. The number of vendors is much smaller, and the "town" activities are zero as far as I can tell. I assume you've been to the Spring show when the Bubble is full of vendors and the historic part of Downtown has pop-up shops and the Finkel Building has vendors, and the Civic Center has their show and vendors.... None of this is going on during the Fall show. As far as I can tell, the Fall 2019 show will be the last Fall show. They just didn't have the numbers to justify two shows per
  2. I was just wondering if anyone knows how many entries APQS receives over the course of the 5-or-so months the contest runs? I couldn't find any info in the official rules. I'm calculating my chances of winning! Ha!!
  3. Yep - I'm carrying my phone with me everywhere today and tomorrow. Like a lovesick teenager! I never win anything, but sometime my luck has to change - I rearranged furniture in the spare bedroom to make room for Millie moving in! Fingers crossed.
  4. I went to the MQX show in Springfield IL this fall and was also disappointed with the number of vendors and the items they offered for sale. I was prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on fabric, rulers, and whatever else caught my eye. I ended up with a couple of fat quarters and some batting - at least my husband was happy! In 2016 there was a vendor there with a bunch of Kaffe Fassett fabric. When I emailed her this summer to see if she would be at the MQX show in fall 2017, she said she would never be returning to that show because she lost so much money between travelling and the actual
  5. I really need to win this! My husband says I should stop torturing myself. Every single time they do a new Millie giveaway I enter daily. I'm convinced that some day I will win, then I'm so disappointed when Dawn makes the winning call and my phone doesn't ring. He has to live with my pouting for a week!
  6. I have the habit of going to the Giveaway page every morning to enter.... The contest ending has really thrown off my morning routine! I dream of winning, but I hope that whoever wins will join the forum and show us their progress. Good luck, everyone!
  7. I'm going! I'm so excited - I haven't been to the Paducah show since the early 1990's and I only had a couple of hours to speed-walk through everything then. It has grown sooooo much, and I'll be there from Tuesday to Sunday with my husband - he's coming to carry things for me. I don't really know what to expect but we have tickets for the Preview night and the All-Star Review and one lecture. I don't have a longarm but I play with them at the demo's every chance I get. I keep reading about "show specials" from the different vendors. Does anyone know what the specials are? I know the ma
  8. Jim, could you post a picture? I'm in Swansea IL (near St Louis) and definitely interested. I've been looking for a Featherweight but the 401A might be an alternative. Thank you! Lynn
  9. That is too funny! My husband jokes that there is some guy in a brown truck and brown uniform that keeps leaving gifts for me on our doorstep - he must be my "other boyfriend." And somehow the boyfriend in brown knows EXACTLY what I want - the right color fabric, the exact ruler I've been talking about, the correct color of thread to match the project I'm working on. It is a miracle!
  10. Yes - please let us know where the shop is! I was not aware of a discount fabric shop in Springfield, or I would have found a reason to go... you know, just so my husband can see Bass Pro Shops. I'll think of an excuse!
  11. Hello all. I hardly ever post anything on the forums because I don't own a longarm but I love reading all of the posts. I thought I would give a quick review of the MQX Midwest Show from a non-professional's view. My husband and I attended on Friday and spent almost all day there. First, the quilts on display were all stunning. For someone like me (a semi-beginner who quilts on a Tiara sit-down machine) every single quilt offered inspiration. I had wondered if attending this show would be "worth it" for a hobby quilter who does not own a longarm and the answer is definitely YES. I have n
  12. I just tried to enter (8:25 am Central time) after entering yesterday around 1pm Central time. It says I can only enter once per day, and that the clock resets at midnight. Winning is the only way I'll ever get a longarm, so I hope they fix it soon!
  13. I saw on the MQX page for the upcoming Springfield IL show that the MQS and IMQA (not related to MQX) were being dissolved. Someone had a screen shot of an email they received. Lots of quilters were pondering the reasons, and I think a lot of them have been mentioned in this thread. Quilters are like everyone else - it seems our disposable income is shrinking, so we have to be sure to spend our money on things we REALLY want. In the 1990's, a new gadget might cost $15.00, so it wasn't a big deal if it only had one use. Now I see gadgets going for $60, and there is only one design you can make
  14. I suppose I will have to wait until they draw my winning Mega Millions ticket tonight - that's the only way I'll get one. But I'm happy for Cindy - I'm so glad someone who really appreciates it won!
  15. I feel like a 15 year old girl, just watching my phone hoping it will ring. But this time I'm hoping for Dawn to call, not some pimply-faced goofy 15 year old boy!
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