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  1. Jim, every day I look at Longarm University, this forum, Accomplished Quilting, the Longarm Network, Nolting. House of Hanson hasn't updated their page since 2015. Three roller means as you roll the quilt you have to raise, is this right? Gammill also has 3 roller. Is it difficult to do? The 2412 has 22" field. The Innova 22 has 19" field. The 22 has throat height of 9". Prodigy has 12". What significance is throat height? I am looking at 22- 24" as I only have 5 - 7' depth of space, not ideal, but it's all I have to work with. I do think that either machine would be light enough to move easily.
  2. I think at present, I am leaning most to Innova or Prodigy. Innova 22" or Prodigy 24". The Prodigy 2412 has electric quilt advance included and the frame can be lowered and raised with a smooth crank. Both of those features are very appealing and would add close to 5k to the price of an Innova. Both can glide over very thick layers (aka seams). Watching YouTube videos, users say that you cannot outrun the regulators or get long stitches. I have tested both LS and regular stitch regulator on Innova. I could not out run it, nor get a long stitch. Personally, I could hardly tell the difference between the two. Is LS worth the extra $3999? The Prodigy only has L bobbin, would buying prewound bobbins make up the difference in size? If anyone out there has a Prodigy within a 3-4 hours drive of East Tennessee would you be willing to let me come look at your machine? You rarely see Prodigy listed in used machines. This makes me wonder, do people love them and keep them OR does the manufacturer just not sell very many? Innova 24/7/365 service is ideal. I have called Prodigy and they were prompt to answer phone calls, emails etc. Iquiltit, why do you say "don't tell them you are quilting for a business"? ~C.
  3. Hi all, yes I am still on the hold pattern. In June of last year I was diagnosed with cancer. Surgeries and now chemo has kept me from continuing moving forward. My goal is by Christmas of this year. I am doing well. God's got this and He is so good to me!! In March, A Mountain Quilt Fest in Pigeon Forge. I won't be up for a class, chemo brain is a real thing, however Sharon Schambler will be teaching so I am going to see if I can find her and ask about her Prodigy experience. I have been able to test Handi Quilter, Nolting, APQS, Innova, Pennywinkle, Q'nique 14+, Juki 2200 QVP, Baby Lock Crown Jewel, and Tiara III. I was at a Tin Lizzy dealer buying fabric, a renter started her quilt and within 10 minutes I had a headache, it was so loud - that's definitely not an option. Thank you all for your input. I admire and respect you all.
  4. This is an old post but thought I give it a shot. Is it still available? Why are you selling?
  5. Thanks Norma, that is something to think about 5 vs. 3.
  6. Thanks Ladies! Next question, are CL and R&S the same quality? They seem to be less expensive.
  7. Is Circle Lord still in business? The latest price list I see is from 2015.
  8. This was sold a while ago.....about 6 weeks after original post. Sadly, it did not come to my house.
  9. Amy, what's the difference between Millie and Freddie? Throats the same.
  10. What size throat and quilt space is the Ultimate I? What's the largest size, in inches, have you quilted on this?
  11. Do you still own Prodigy 24? I have never seen one. I love live on East coast, so I am not sure how service would work. It is quite an intriguing machine.

  12. The direct drive was for the motor, as told by this dealer, who will not get any business from me. I had never heard of a belt for timing. I wish I could see cut aways for all the long arm manufacturers. I am a visual person.
  13. Thanks. Jim, are you saying APQS and Nolting are quieter than Gammill and A-1?
  14. I have heard Juki is direct drive. Are all other machine belt drive? How often are belts needing to be changed. One dealer told me if I bought a Gammill it's $2,000 to get a new belt put on it. That's outrageous! So tell me , Dear Quilters, what brand, how often, and how much does it cost? I am thinking this guy is full of it! Or maybe I am naive as to what the upkeep costs of longarms really are. Thanks Ya'll CM
  15. I had not thought about the weight. In most things I would have thought heavier equals a more solid build, but I do see your point on easier stopping and starting. Mind blown. Tim Taylor.....Cagey, you crack me up!!
  16. Ultimate II, is that 18" Here's another question I have. I am asking because I have heard 2 different theories. (1 the person has something to gain of it .... a sale. The other has nothing to gain.) Throat length. I have been told that anything over 18- 20" will cause neck and back pain with extended use. The other says the bigger the better. Both theories have merit. The only difference that I can tell with my very limited, albeit miniscule knowledge, is under 18" is no bueno, and pantograph size will change with throat size. For all you pantograph quilters, is a 26- 30" machine worth it? Does it change the depth needed? My sewing room is roughly 16' × 12 1/2'. I do have my DHM , an ironing board and a small cutting table (kitchen island). Is a 12' table the best option? Looking at longarms is intimidating! Is a 30" machine like driving a semi? Lol. I truly wish I lived in an area that I could go try out machines without making it a vacation. As always, your opinions are greatly appreciated! Thanks, ya'll!!
  17. I am looking at longarms and seeing 1800, 2200, and 3000 SPM. If using edge to edge pantographs, what is the average speed that is used. Thanks, C.
  18. Does Prodigy have channel locks? Is it a 3 or 4 roller table? Batting bar? Thanks,CBing
  19. Has anyone ever heard of this, seen one, or owned one? Would like to hear opinions. Thx.
  20. Thank you Janice. I just read your blog posts. How frustrating! Thank you for sharing. That was the first machine that got me thinking of taking the leap from domestic machine quilting. I still have not taken the plunge. Life keeps throwing financial curve balls. I like your post on quilt being your own or a collaboration.
  21. Diane, How did you like the Voyage? What did you not like about It? Still looking. Cannot afford my used dream machine that is close to 14k. It still boggles my mind that buying a long arm is as expensive as a car. Although, there is the potential of the one actually making money. How long would that take?