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  1. I have an issue (or mistake) that I want to correct easily. When I started my 4th row of the panto, I needed to adjust the pattern width on the left side. I followed the instructions ( I thought) and the pattern sewed about 1/2 off to the left. There is a point in the pattern where I can adjust it unnoticeable if I can just move the machine head 1/4” to the right I previously owned compuquilter and I could trick the program by turning off the main box, move the machine and then Turn it back on, then continue sewing Is there anything like that for intelliquilter? Clear as mud??
  2. I have also found that the needle usually needs to be changed to avoid the pokies.
  3. i recently upgraded to the IQ system. My compuquilter system was still working so I have the motors for sale if anyone is interested. Please email me. Thanks
  4. I am wondering if anyone has an idea of how to convert the pieces that attach to the cables to a magnetic release system? My back has become a bit sore after a day of quilting - bending down and under the frame to release the cable for each new row/bobbin change. Surely someone has come up with a way to make this easier. Would love to hear your ideas. The compuquilter is on my Millie. Thanks!
  5. Can anyone tell me how to convert a dxf file to cpq for my compuquilter? Also, all my new designs are not available in cpq format and dxf are showing up as a motif and I cannot figure out how to get them changed to repeatable. Thanks a bunch Trudie
  6. Does anyone have an idea for marking the useable throat space while quilting? I struggle knowing how far to the back the machine can safely go and also how far forward? It would be so much easier if the machine came all the way to the backing bar (I float my tops). thanks
  7. I don't know how to PM.  Or even where to find it.   I'm very new to this forum.  Can I give you my email on here?

    1. Mary Beth

      Mary Beth

      Trudie, there is an envelope in the upper right on your page. That is the message button. Then just send to Sue E.

    2. trudie
  8. Can you tell me what the books are? I am just learning FMQ and if it pertains to that, I would be interested. Thanks
  9. Betsy, it was a certified APQS tech. I can move the machine easier now for ruler work and I'm trying feathers now. There is still resistance on the movement to the right and forward to the front. I cleaned off that tape I found but didn't think to check the wheels to see if any remaind there. I will do that tomorrow. Thanks for that suggestion!
  10. Cagey, thanks to the link to Jamie's vide. While watching I remembered I ordered some of the Renaissance lube so went out and cleaned and lubed the rails. I did find some tape on the back rail that I hadn't seen before. Got it removed and lubed and that helped. I am better able to do feathers but there is still a catch in the movement going left and towards the front. Jimerickson, I am not able to see any difference in how the wheels line up. My homesteader I can easily move with one finger. The Millie, not. I really wanted to do ruler work and that is not possible on the homesteader which prompted me to buy the Millie. I do really appreciate the features on the Millie - I just need it easier to move. The tech that worked on it thought it moved really smooth but he doesn't do any free motion work. I'm sure for the CQ it moves great. I will continue practicing!
  11. Dbustle, I used a plain, unsented candle. I have bees wax somewhere but couldn't find it yesterday. Jimerickson, I just had the Lewisville dealer out to adjust them. He found the machine carriage was not level but everything else was fine. It does move easier now than before just not as easy as my homesteader. I have wondered about increasing the stitches per inch and/or turning off the stitch regulator. That is a good suggestion but I need to load a practice piece to see how it moves before I try it on another quilt. You guys are awesome! thanks for all the responses
  12. Well, waxing the rails made a big difference, Thank you Annie! I took some before and after pictures and the size of stippling I usually do on baby quilts but was not able to on this machine. I am happier tho and with practice and maybe the micro drive handles, I can do what I hope to do. I've not found anything on the Bliss so will keep searching. Here is the beginning stippling larger than I normally do. Oops cannot upload the pics. Operator error I'm sure! thanks again
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