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  1. I've had inquiries, however, the 14' table seems to be a deterrent. When considering this or any other purchase with a 14' table, keep in mind you can have the table cut down (by a local welder) or list the 14' table on this forum after you purchase to see if there is another quilter interested in trading you their 10' or 12' table.
  2. Debbie, Yes, the table can be cut down by a local welder. The canvas would also need to be cut down and serged and you'd need to order new belts for QuiltPath. I priced it well in hopes it will sell quickly.
  3. Yes it is. Please private message me with your email address and I'll send you contact information.
  4. SOLD! For Sale 2014 APQS Millennium with Quilt Path $22,000.00.