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  1. I've upgraded my longarm, and I'm looking to sell my gently used TinLizzie18 Ansley26 ESP with Quilt Magician. It's TinLizzie18's top of the line machine, and it comes with a computerized system to allow greater complexity in your quilting while saving your back! I've included pictures of some of the quilts that I quilted with this machine. . . Details: - Ansley26 ESP by TinLizzie18 - Quilt Magician robotic quilting system - 26" throat space (gives you lots of room for larger edge-to-edge designs and means you can easily custom quilt a large block on point) - 12 fe
  2. I finally found one! plain circle: http://www.digitechpatterns.com/product_p/js387.htm double circle: http://www.digitechpatterns.com/product_p/js394.htm Thanks for your help, ladies.
  3. Does anyone know if it is possible to purchase a digital quilting pattern for a plain circle? I've been searching, but I haven't found anything like that. I have a client that wants circles quilted around certain elements of her quilt, and I don't want them to be wobbly from quilting them freehand.
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