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  1. Quilters Dream makes a Cotton that is - Supreme: Highest loft. A hefty, very warm, and dense batting that has 1/2 pound of cotton per square yard according to their website. Might be worth looking at if it sounds like what you are after. Otherwise a double batt of regular might do the trick.
  2. We will be relocating from New England to NC in the next few months and I am looking for any and all advice on moving my Lenni. I have a 12 ft blissed table. I have the original box for Lenni .... but moving the frame and rails....? I think I read somewhere about using pool noodles to cover the rails and wrap them extra with padding? Advice? Suggestions? Tips? Thanks all!
  3. I just use a practice piece I quilted on my Lenni - just serged the edges. :-)
  4. I had a similar situation with Quilters Dream wool (which is machine washable)- it bearded out the back and front of a dark fabric quilt I made for my son. QD customer service told me that it was due to the dark colored fabrics and something in the dyes that cause a static build up to pull the wool fibers and cause them to migrate out. Other's I know have had it happen with wool that is NOT supposed to be machine washed (dry clean only). The only fix I've found - other than picking out the entire quilt - is to use a sweater shaver to mitigate the fuzzies. My son's quilt does this EVERY time it is washed unfortunately. :-(
  5. I love how clever everyone is to meet a need. :-)
  6. I've had my Lenni since 2016 and LOVE it! Congrats!
  7. Oh my goodness - how absolutely STUNNING! Very creative and just gorgeous quilting!
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