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  1. I just use a practice piece I quilted on my Lenni - just serged the edges. :-)
  2. I had a similar situation with Quilters Dream wool (which is machine washable)- it bearded out the back and front of a dark fabric quilt I made for my son. QD customer service told me that it was due to the dark colored fabrics and something in the dyes that cause a static build up to pull the wool fibers and cause them to migrate out. Other's I know have had it happen with wool that is NOT supposed to be machine washed (dry clean only). The only fix I've found - other than picking out the entire quilt - is to use a sweater shaver to mitigate the fuzzies. My son's quilt does this EVERY time it is washed unfortunately. :-(
  3. I love how clever everyone is to meet a need. :-)
  4. I've had my Lenni since 2016 and LOVE it! Congrats!
  5. Oh my goodness - how absolutely STUNNING! Very creative and just gorgeous quilting!
  6. Never heard of that so I googled - WOW - some stunning quilts!
  7. Congratulations on your Lenni! Have fun and enjoy the dance!
  8. Thanks! Ordered mine - can't wait to install it and try it out!
  9. I posted this question on the facebook group, and thought I'd ask here as well. Does it go over bulky seams etc without as much resistance as the ruler foot? I'm finding that my foot is hitting the bulk of a pinwheel center or similar really bulky seam, and its causing a wobble as I'm trying to follow a panto. Thanks for any opinions!
  10. From experience - a detailed list, prices, sizes and photos of the pantographs, etc. would help you to sell things in a timely fashion. I'm always looking to add Pantos to my library. :-)
  11. What a lovely gift! I love that pattern for it's simplicity and timelessnes.
  12. Maybe some sort of celtic link motif in the centers to play off the linked rings? It's lovely!
  13. Lenni has a 20" throat - I'm not 100% sure on the sewing field size but know I can do a 13" panto and have room left over.
  14. I believe Lenni has a 16" stitch area If you keep between 7-9" I would imagine you'll be more than fine.