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  1. Do you have the phone number for Donna Reeve?
  2. Mercedes, when you are replying, there's an option that says more reply options. When you click on that, it will show you a paper clip. Click to attach photo.
  3. Karen, Are you still selling your Ruler Mate or did you decide to remove your thread cutter.
  4. Kathy, I tried ordering a Ruler Mate from Donita in the beginning of October 2016. My order still has not been processed. I noticed your post was October 23, 2014. Is she still in business?
  5. Karen, Have you ordered your table mate? Who did you order it from? I tried ordering it the beginning of October. I used my credit card and the amount was not deducted. I have tried calling Love to Quilt about my order and have not heard anything other than she was at the eye doctor's and would contact me the next day. It has been 8 days since I have heard from her. I really like the looks of the Ruler Mate, but can't seem to get it ordered through Donita at Love to Quilt. Is there someone else that sells the Table Mate? Susan
  6. I agree Betsy. I tell people who asks me what I would charge; I charge $20/hr plus materials. That usually stops them right there. Susan
  7. I have a used Queen Quilter 18 by Tin Lizzie. It is 8 years old. I have the instructional CD. It comes with an attached bobbin winder, stitch mode regulator, ruler extended base for doing ruler work, a laser stylus for pantos. It is on a 10' Grace frame. My husband made a light bar for it, which I'm including that comes with LED lights. I also put LED lighting on the head to give additional lighting. I have reduced the price to $4500 and would be willing to deliver it to your house.
  8. This is a great beginner's machine. Easy to load quilts and learn fmq. Long arm comes with a 10' Grace frame with a 2' extension in the event you want to make it into a 12' frame. My husband made an overhead LED light bar for additional lighting. I also added 2 LED light strips on the underside of the machine head as well as the light that came with the machine (switched light bulb to an LED light bulb). It also has upgraded springs to keep encoder wheels secure to the trolley. Front handles can be placed in the rear of the machine to do pantos. Comes with laser pointer for doing pantos. Has a bobbin winder. Stitch regulator so you can either choose speed or stitch. Comes with ruler extension table to do ruler work. Comes with 2 pantos, 5 bobbins and extra needles. This is already boxed up and ready for freight. Purchaser just needs to schedule and pay freight charges. I am asking $4,500 but willing to negotiate.
  9. I have a 2009 Queen Quilter 18 by Tin Lizzie. It comes with a 10' table, but has extensions to make into a 12' table. It has a stitch regulator, laser pointer for pantographs, the extended ruler base for doing ruler work. I am including 5 bobbins, extra needles (came with the machine-missing a couple), two pantos (came with the machine) and extra bobbin case. My husband made me a light bar that fixes to the frame for added lighting as well as added LED lights along the bottom of the head and the single light fixture that came with the machine. This is a great beginner machine. It is easy to load and maneuver, making learning fmq easy. I had it serviced last year, and I upgraded the springs to a heavy duty spring to keep the encoders intact. I'm asking $5,000, but willing to negotiate. You may contact me via or text--775-772-1654.