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  1. Marie0722

    Millenium was in storage

    Dianne, we have one APQS tech in BC... Bill at Heather's Fabric Shelf in Kamloops. Both Bill and Heather are wonderful people, call them if you need help. As for Lin's suggestion, APQS has a video on how to take off the side panel, clean out the inside and oil in there. I believe it was somewhere among the instructions that came with the machine but I am sure it will be on their website as well.
  2. Marie0722

    NEED A WEBSITE Mine is Wordpress-based... seemed like the easiest way to do it, especially since I had no clue how to design a website in the first place. One click, and they preinstall it for you if you decide you want to go with Wordpress, and then you can choose a theme and play around until you like the result.
  3. Marie0722


    I use Siteground for hosting and highly recommend them. All hosting companies usually give you a great rate for the first year and then it gets more expensive. Technically you could move your site around every year to save money but I am quite happy with them and have decided it's not worth the trouble. I can't remember a time that their servers have ever been down, and their customer service is excellent. They are available through online chat, and they always connect you to a customer service agent within a minute. That's not exaggerated... I have never waited longer than one minute, I don't know how they do it. And all the agents are very friendly and quite knowledgeable. And I am not getting paid to say this... I just really love them
  4. I hear you, Ann! My OCD can't handle really scrappy quilts either, it took me more than a decade to attempt one. I still can't handle the really chaotic ones but I found out that I am okay with them if they have a background colour like yours. I love how you kept the colours together, will have to remember this. Great job!
  5. Marie0722

    How to save a design for digital as a .PAT file

    I teach EQ as well, and I don't think it's possible to do what you want to do with the program. The export options are very limited because that's just not what the program is for. You would need some picture editing software for this. I have no experience with pat files but did a Google search for the file extension. Photoshop seems to be the main program for this type of file but the result also mentioned Gimp. I personally haven't tried this software but it is freeware and several of my guild members love it and highly recommend it. So maybe you could export your picture as bmp or jpg from EQ and then use Gimp to convert it to pat? Just an idea, I don't know if it will work.
  6. Marie0722

    Zoe the Zebra

    Approx. 42" x 52"... just the right size to have fun with filling the background without it getting too repetitive.
  7. Marie0722

    Zoe the Zebra

    Thanks, everyone. It was really a fun project.
  8. The recent discussion about Facebook and the forum has reminded me that I have been meaning to post more quilt pictures here. Have you met Zoe the Zebra? This quilt pattern was featured in Quiltmaker magazine, and when my friend and customer Salli sent me a picture of her version and asked if I would like to quilt it for her, I was delighted. This is such a cute quilt with the three-dimensional details, and all that negative space is a longarm quilter's dream. I knew right away that I wanted to add more flowers, and when Salli dropped off the top this was the only thing she knew she wanted... some shadow flowers in the background. Great minds think alike. I felt that an odd number of flowers worked better, so I only added two more and filled the remaining space with a butterfly. I quilted the background with random fillers. The outer border fabric is very busy, and the quilting doesn't really show, it looks better in the pictures than in reality, so I just repeated one of the background fillers and turned it into a border design.
  9. The amount of cluttered information on FB is just overwhelming, and if there is a good search function I haven't found it yet either. I have issues with FB in general. When I signed up years ago, it was a fun place to keep track of what your friends were doing. Now they are just showing you posts from people who pay for it. This is a little exaggerated but mostly accurate. And since I created a page for my business I have been inundated with emails by FB urging me to promote my posts by paying them. My page has more than 100 followers, and if I don't pay maybe 30 people get to see my posts, if I am lucky. So yeah, I stay away from FB as much as I can and come here for help and company.
  10. No, Anne, that is all the same thread. All those starts and stops were bad enough... changing threads all the time would probably have killed me I use Glide thread, and this is a light green. Probably Willow, maybe Celery, I don't remember exactly. It worked well with the background, and I thought it looked better than the usual neutral colours, and she liked it too, so we went with green.
  11. Marie0722

    Should I own a longarm quilting machine?

    Christine, if you can afford it, go for it. It's so much easier than quilting on a domestic machine. I quilted everything - and that includes big bed quilts - on my DSM for years. It's definitely possible but hard on your shoulders and not as much fun as quilting on a stand up machine. I love my Millie, and I don't ever want to go back to quilting without her. If you are fairly confident about quilting on your DSM, then the transition to a stand up machine should be pretty smooth. It just takes a little practice to get used to moving the machine but in general I find quilting on Millie easier than on my DSM. It's like finally being able to move your pen again while writing instead of the paper!
  12. It took me sixteen hours to finish the quilt. I am not very patient and get bored by pantographs quickly but I loved doing the flowers. I was in some kind of zone and just kept doing them... no crossed eyes there Just the constant starts and stops were a little annoying.
  13. Aw, thank you Yes, that's all freehand. The quilt was huge... lots of petals to build some serious muscle memory.
  14. Marie0722

    EQ 8

    Yes, you can upgrade from EQ6. EQ6 users don't pay the full price for the upgrade either but the discount is less than for EQ7 users.