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  1. I should also add that the backings are not pieced... so I don't have any build up of a seam allowance running down the center of my projects causing extra bulk on the back bar. (PS. If I have a pieced backing I am sure to run it parallel with the frame/bars). Still perplexed.
  2. Hello all! I always float the batting and top when I quilt. In my insane perfectionism, I want to ensure the top is square on all four sides. When I load the top I am very careful to square the top to the frame and have several markings (edges and seams of the columns in the quilt) to keep the right and left sides straight as I progress down the quilt. Every time I advance the quilt I will also use the rows in the quilt top to 're-square' and work in any bulk. (I know that the piecing can be a part of the problem, but that is why I spend so much time re-squaring with every advancement.) So the problem.... when I get to the bottom of the quilt the center of the the top is almost always 1/2 to 3/4 inches shorter than the sides; gradually bowed ╭━╮ . Then I am in a panic to ease the bulk of the sides or pulling the center of the top extra taught to even out the bowing. Very frustrating! Because it's happening on all customer quilts, regardless if it's pantograph or custom, I feel that it is a result of my leaders or frame. Any thoughts on what the problem is and how I can fix it? Thank you!
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