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  1. You all are so funny. You know we aren't all sleeping through this. Now may the one entry picked for the winner be one of us!
  2. Could it be the scrap patch Hearts quilt pattern on Anniescatalog.com
  3. I have Lucey, and with the stitch regulator I run it about 10. Without is what I usually use and run it about 12-13 depending on what Im quilting. When I first started longarming I started a little bit slower. Hope that helps.
  4. sewing up,, Sounds like you've been going through a lot. Thats right, stay positive! Spring is on the way! And i have not been entering everyday. I just keep forgetting. Im way too busy this year. Last year I did very little vegetable gardening because of quilting. This year I started my seeds early so I will be able to have a very big garden to work this summer. And still longarm on my Lucey!
  5. Okay, I love couching! Can this be done on an APQS machine?
  6. I can look in a few past magazine. I longarm a lot of QOV. I do spirals and stars together, not sure if thats what she means. Ill get back to you soon
  7. This is what I need to do if I find the time Beautiful quilt from one Ann to another!
  8. Which machines have the black light on them. Im not sure if I do on my Lucey. And if you like it tell me why. Thanks
  9. I love that APQS does this so often. Recently My lucey stopped working . The EMI box is bad. They are shipping it out. I have all of a sudden a backlog of customers quilts with a sick Lucey. Sure could use a Millie to catch up the slack while Lucey is on the mend. But patience is in me and these quilts will get quilted. Thank God my customers are patience too. Whoever wins Ill be happy for!
  10. Its just the handles won't work. everything else does. Thats not the main fuse is it? because then nothing would work.
  11. I will now. Just read a post about it. WIll do. Thanks
  12. Has this happened to anyone. I turned off Lucey. 10 minutes later went back to take out the bobbin and oil her. The needle wont lift. It wont move at all. I got the needle out and the bobbin and still nothing. I checked to see if anything got unplugged. Dont know what else to check, Ill call in the am, but thought someone here might know what to do. Just took off a customer quilt, loaded another, then took it off and thats when it happened. This is such an awesome machine. I have been quilting the last 3 or 4 quilts without the stitch regulator. Really distraught about this, but I hope its a simple solution to the problem. Need to load another quilt. Thanks to anyone that can help.
  13. I have a customer who is a new customer and he gave me a 300 ct sheet for the backing. Can I quilt on that with my Lucey? Ive heard lots of different things about sheets that made me never try it. This sheet is so soft. It makes me think it would be a good backing, but don't want to mess up my Lucey. Help! Ann
  14. Bless your hearts for what you all are going through. Praying for all of you. Beautiful quilts for sure. Welcome back to quilting! t
  15. We made about 15 of these for charity quilts for our Guild. They are so cute, Love yours too! Our blocks were donated to us!
  16. Last Year I got my Lucey as an early Christmas present. This year my husband asked me what I wanted and I told him a small Heavy duty sewing machine that could sew up to 6 layers of denim, leather and vinyl. So he got me that. Then 1 week later without asking I got a brand new Nissan Rouge. What a wonderful giver my husband is. Just wanted to brag on him a little. My Lucey of course is my favorite gift of all!
  17. WOW! Beautiful! Now thats a keeper, but its better to give than to receive!
  18. I dont float mine either. Too much fullness sometimes. This way is so much better! I vacuum so much too. and If I have to stop quilting, I throw my batting up nicely on the top quilt rail. It all works out great for me.
  19. You did a great job on these flowers! Thanks for sharing.
  20. Just wanted to give best prayers to all quilters for a great Thanksgiving! May the Peace of God be with you and your families!! Im so thankful for all of you and your advice!
  21. Yes Cagey! That is why I love to be a part of Quilts for Valor. My Father and Father in law served in the Air Force most of their lives. God bless the USA!!
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