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    AnnP reacted to I dew quilting in Vintage Quilt   
    This is a customer quilt that I recently finished.  It has been delivered so I can share The top is about 40 years old. She loves vintage pieces.  The top is 74X90, with a lot of open space.  She didn't want any quilting on the face or arms but said do whatever I wanted with feathers and pebbles.  Had fun quilting this one.  All quilting is freehand on my Millie.  2 layers of batting, 80/20 on the bottom and wool on the top, SoFine thread. Sorry can only load one picture

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    AnnP reacted to T Row Studio in Collage quilt samples for Satellite Class   
    Here are a few more Collage projects I just finished . I am teaching and have the opportunity to offer this technique through a satelite class hosted by Sharon Blackmore of Love Shack Quilts,  if you are interested here is the link ( https://www.loveshackquilts.ca/product-page/terry-s-collage-workshop-satellite ). I will give you preparation videos to be ready for the class on Sept 30th, Then she will video me though out the day with tips on how to get started, cutting tips, eye options, finishing your project to be able to hang it. I encourage to jump out of your box and create a one of a kind project. The videos will be live so you will be able to ask questions as I am being videoed. The videos stay on the facebook page so you will be able to go back and watch them over and over or watch at a later date if you are busy that day. Or if you are in the Airdrie Alberta area I would love to teach you in person. This is a fun and freeing process once you get going you can have a lot of fun. 

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    AnnP got a reaction from dbams in Memory Photo Quilt   
    Yay, I have 2 rows sewn together, will do the other 3 tomorrow, and take the QOV off my frame and load this one. Thanks for all your help. Do not be afraid, Do not be afraid. LOL
    I dont have problems quilting the fabric, just around the faces. Ill post when Im done. Hope my customer loves it. Thanks again!
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    AnnP reacted to quiltmonkey in Memory Photo Quilt   
    I've quilted lots of quilts with photos added. I usually quilt from the front (freehand meander) and I DO NOT quilt through the faces, especially the eyes, nose or mouth. I skirt around these areas and just meander through the body or background area - not the face. However, some of these photos are large and they need some sort of quilting to hold it all down and together without too much puffy. So, I usually guide my needle carefully around the heads and in between. I use a white or cream colored thread that blends in with everything... I've done this successfully many times with very nice results. You don't even notice the thread... you see the photos and the sweet faces. You can do it! 
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    AnnP got a reaction from quiltmonkey in Quilting pattern for a photo quilt   
    Thanks! I'm sure it will work out too!
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    AnnP reacted to Gator in Memory Photo Quilt   
    I've made a few with photos.  I did not quilt on the pictures.  I stitched in the ditch around the photos and quilted the sashing.  Do you have a pic of the quilt, it would make suggestions a little easier.  Check the quilting requirements for the batting you are using.  Mine came out fine without doing the photos, but the entire quilt wasn't just photos.
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    AnnP reacted to quiltmonkey in Quilting pattern for a photo quilt   
    Hi!  I usually "Meander" my way through the photo quilts. I've quilted many of these over the past 10 years. 
    To answer your question, YES you can quilt through the photo, and you should. As a general guide, anything the size of your palm or bigger needs to be quilted. Otherwise, it will be a big poof and this big poof is prone to more wear and tear over they years. Quilting helps provide more integrity to the fabrics. 
    I do not quilt over the faces, if at all possible. I never ever quilt through the eyes, nose or mouth. I quilt around these areas. Hair is OK. Body is OK, background is OK. Everywhere but the face is OK. Just gently guide your needle (meandering) around the face. I usually pick a thread that blends well... such as cream or white or beige. You don't even notice the thread in the photos. 
    Try it. 
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    AnnP reacted to Cagey in Memory Photo Quilt   
    I made one that I did not quilt, and the quilter used invisible thread.  There a some faces with stitches through them, and it is not all that noticeable.  
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    AnnP got a reaction from NHDeb in The Millie Give Away   
    Id love to win. Im not sure what I'd do with her. Open a rental shop with both my Lucey and Millie.... Sell one of them......Or just use the heck out of both them. LOL
    Whoever wins Im hoping they will love it and use it for God's glory!
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    AnnP got a reaction from Mary Beth in The Millie Give Away   
    Id love to win. Im not sure what I'd do with her. Open a rental shop with both my Lucey and Millie.... Sell one of them......Or just use the heck out of both them. LOL
    Whoever wins Im hoping they will love it and use it for God's glory!
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    AnnP got a reaction from Mindy in The Millie Give Away   
    Id love to win. Im not sure what I'd do with her. Open a rental shop with both my Lucey and Millie.... Sell one of them......Or just use the heck out of both them. LOL
    Whoever wins Im hoping they will love it and use it for God's glory!
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    AnnP reacted to piecrust in The Millie Give Away   
    Mary Beth- Is your phone fully charged? Is the ringer turned on? Did you leave the phone in the car? Just making sure you are ready for that call........
    My morning cup of Joe wasn't quite the same. Something was missing. My morning ritual has once again changed. Does APQS realize the effect they have on my life?
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    AnnP reacted to Mindy in The Millie Give Away   
    PICK ME!   I do not have a machine and would absolutely LOVE to have it!   But I don't ever win these things so I'm waiting to hear who did!  :-)
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    AnnP reacted to Mary Beth in The Millie Give Away   
    Pick me! Pick me!! Ok, ok, I know they will not be calling me. I already have a machine. Seems like they give them to people who do not already have a machine. But a girl can hope.
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    AnnP reacted to T Row Studio in Collage Quilts   
    Hi since the Red Deer Quilt show , I showed two of my collage quilts I made the giraffe and the cow. These created quite a stir in our area. I have been booked to do 10 classes all over our province I have done three already I just finished the newest pattern by Laura Heine it is a pincushion. How many still have a tomato pin cushion.   I know I do. Have a Great Day
    Before picture


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    AnnP reacted to Kwiltr in Triple Barn Star   
    This is a quilt kit I purchased from Craftsy a couple of years ago that l finally made up and have just finished the quilting on. It will be a Wedding gift to a friend's daughter who was married this week. Our girls started Grade 2 together and they are now early 30's. You can't but wonder where all that time went!
    I learned a few things on this quilt, which is par for the course, especially now that I am quilting on the Lenni. How to handle a vertically pieced backing...make sure you don't miss that batting you use to take up the slack on the rollers, they don't all "fall out". Ask me how I know.  The pattern of the quilt isn't throat size friendly for a Lenni, so lots of rolling ahead and back in those big triangles and I turned the quilt to quilt the last two big feathers and the medium sized ones and found pinning to the leaders didn't require as much extra fabric on the edges to work. Tried some new quilting motifs and some went better than others. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the outcome.  

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    AnnP reacted to bttyboopette in First quilt path panto attempt   
    108" square.

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    AnnP got a reaction from Pepsi Girl in Finished 3 American Hero quilts   
    Your quilts are beautiful.  As I've said before, Im a longarmer for Quilts of Valor. There is nothing like this program for sure! Love doing it!
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    AnnP reacted to Kwiltr in For Charity Quilters   
    I've hemmed and hawed about posting this for a few reasons, but after reading one of today's posts where a charity quilter was brought low by an insensitive comment about a quilt that was quilted for charity with the best of intentions and a generous heart, I felt I had to share this for any of you who take part in quilting for charity.  
    I started quilting for a local Quilts4Kids group a couple of years ago to get some additional practice on my new Sitdown machine at the time and to also be part of something where I could give back.  I have really enjoyed it and when given a quilt with opportunities for embellishment, have put a lot of time and effort into coming up with things to quilt into it, trying to add a bit more interest for the recipient child.  Our quilts mostly go to Sick Kid's hospitals or children's wards in smaller hospitals.  I've had a few negative comments over this time about how some little kid is not going to appreciate the work I put into these quilts.  However, I have still continued with my approach as it is my feeling that perhaps something I quilt into it might bring a smile to some little one.  Plus it makes it really fun for me! 
    As a quilter for charity, you rarely if ever, get any direct feedback from a recipient of a quilt you've donated or been associated with thru piecing or quilting.  I'm okay with that!  I truly believe that gifts should be given with no strings attached.  So here's a little boost I want to share with those of you who ever wonder if what you're doing is worthwhile or appreciated by your intended recipient.
    When I joined this forum and started sharing my pictures of quilts I was working on with my new Lenni, I was unaware that APQS may repost these photos, until one of my quilts turned up in my Instagram feed, as I follow APQS on Instagram.  More recently, it came to my attention that they do the same on their Facebook page.  I'm not a big FB user, but do frequent it so when I saw a couple of my quilts on their page, of course I had to check out the comments on my quilts.  One of the quilts was the first Olaf quilt I made to practice on, with a view to donating it to our Quilts4Kids group.  While most of the comments were very positive, there was one that stated something to the effect that some needy kid is never going to appreciate that quilt.  I'd heard it before, so didn't really get upset by it.  However, what flabbergasted me was the reply to the comment, I captured in the following screenshot and feel I need to share for any of you who wonder about the impact you may have by gifting a charity quilt.  It truly warmed my heart, and validated my work in giving to this worthwhile cause.  I hope it serves to encourage and inspires you to continue your generosity.
    The pictures...the quilt, very densely quilted (for the naysayers on quilting density ) and the Facebook excerpt from the recipient's mom.
    Sorry for the long winded story.  

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    AnnP reacted to RosemaryJ08 in My Accomplished Quilting :)   
    Hi Everyone,
    I want to start out with Thanking Everyone for their tips and links to help me Learn all I can about Needles, Batting, and Variegated thread, so that I wouldn't disappoint  my NEW LUCEY!
    Our Daughter said she wanted a Quilt that looked like an Eclipse, and she wanted it in Florida Sunset, Earthtones, etc... and she wants it PUFFY (Comforter style)
    I have spent the last 9 months, planning this quilt for our Daughter.. First I had to make a template for the pattern.. then the hard part.. NEVER WORKED WITH BATIKS BEFORE.
    Everyone I talked to said,, just sew them together and they all match.. well, being the old fashioned "match" fabrics.. I just couldn't do it.. I procrastinated on my design wall for MONths!! Move this one.. move that one., Oh, now I lost the Eclipse.. it was a struggle!!  But , never give up.
    After finally getting the top all pieced and with all your help a searching everywhere that I could search.. it was time to take the plunge and see if I could actually do this.
    .. I searched everywhere for a Panto that was "open" and didn't have any success, so I had to create my own.. Big Swirls and loops so that my quilting would hopefully end up PUFFY.
    So.. here you are.. Batiks top and Backing.. 2 layers of batting, Variegated Superior Top thread , Super Bobs in the bobbin.. Never had the thread break one time.. and Lucey performed like a Pro.
    For a Newbie, I am very happy with my first quilting.  

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    AnnP reacted to qltnbe in Plus quilt   
    I just wanted to share this Plus Quilt that I just took off my Millie.  I used the Diamonds are Forever panto and I think it turned out really well.  Customer didn't want straight line quilting as she didn't want it to look to contemporary, but didn't want to pay for crosshatching to make it look old.  I think this was a nice compromise.  

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    AnnP reacted to Kwiltr in For Charity Quilters   
    Thank you everyone for your comments!  I just felt it was a story worth sharing and that might be of interest.
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    AnnP got a reaction from Pepsi Girl in American Hero Quilts   
    What a great honor it is to be a longarmer for QOV. Im assuming you are. I have backed down to 2 a month because of a busy schedule of quilting.Quilts of Valor needs more longarmers  to come aside all these quilters.
    Your quilting is great and the soldier will love it. They don't feel anyone cares about them until they receive one.
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    AnnP reacted to T Row Studio in sunflower wall hanging   
    Good Morning and Happy Easter Everybody.
    Here is a customers wall hanging I worked on yesterday. I love sunflowers and she sure captured the flower magnificently before and after photos.
    I hope you enjoy your day  will be spending mine with all of my Family.

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    AnnP reacted to delld in Moons and Stars   
    Love the loopy flower!!!
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