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  1. 2016 APQS Lenni with Bliss track 10 foot frame Hartley fence and circle maker plus 30 extra templates, zipper leaders, Hartley ruler table & more. Located in So. Calif. $7500
  2. I would be interested in the IQ if you are selling it separately
  3. I am interested. Do you know if this would work on a Lenni w/bliss?
  4. Can you email me so we can discuss the details further. I am definitely interested. Martin.cp57@yahoo.com Carol
  5. Where are you located? Would you consider just selling the quilt path system? Thanks Carol
  6. Where are you located? Would you consider just selling the quilt path system? Thanks Carol
  7. 2016 APQS Lenni purchased new in November of 2016. 10 foot table with bliss track. Includes Hartley acrylic table for ruler work, Hartley fence, templates and circle maker, micro handles, and zippered leaders. Machine is in perfect condition and runs like a dream. I am upgrading to a larger machine. I am in Southern Calif, but will ship as i have the original box for the machine. Email me for pictures and additional info. Carol
  8. I am considering buying a 2012 Millie with Quilt Path. Does anyone know if there are any known problems or issues with this year model as I won’t be getting a warranty. Thanks Carol
  9. I am thinking about buying a used 2012 Millie with Quilt Path and am wondering if there are any known issues or problems with this machine during that year as I won’t be getting a warranty. Thanks Carol
  10. I have been wanting to try the magnetic prewound bobbins as I have heard they have the best tension. I'm not sure who makes them or where to get them. Do they come in lots of colors? What kind of thread is it? Cotton or Poly? I have a Lenni with the L style bobbins and have been mostly using Superior prewounds with Bottom Line. Thank you Carol Thousand Oaks, CA
  11. Whenever I am quilting from the right side to left side of the machine when I am standing at the front and am doing long horizontal lines of stitching my thread starts shredding. Anyone have this happen to them. It never happens when I am going from the left to right side. I have a Lenni and have been quilting for about 8 months. Thanks Carol
  12. I just got my Lenni about 8 months ago and am loving it. I am considering adding either Quilt Path or Intelliquilter but don't know much about either, and which one might be better with my machine. Do any of you use either one of these, and what would be the advantages/disadvantages of one vs. the other. Its a big investment & I don't want to make a mistake. I do a little quilting for others but it will be mostly be used for my own personal use. I'm looking for something that does more than pantographs. One concern I have is the additional weight that will be added to the machine, as I still plan on doing hand guided and custom work. One of the reasons I chose a Lenni was because it was so light & easy to move. I have quite a bit of arthritis so I don't want to add a lot of weight or drag to the machine. Carol Thousand Oaks, CA
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