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  1. I really don't remember who gave me this box of things already cut out embroidery on most of them and the girls already pinned on. I ran across the box while looking for something else and decided to finish this project on the machine. Then I decided to ask what to do with it. We live in South Texas and really don't have much use for quilts, but I do have grand children that will love it when it is finished.
  2. Thank you all for your help. I have not sewn the blocks together yet. I believe it will be a queen size when I get them sewn together. I just finished the last embroidery on them last evening. I will get my husband to help me post a photo of the blocks laid out on our bed. I do hand quilt, but I did not want to hand quilt this. I thought cotton should be the backing and a low loft batting. I don't want it to be heavy. Thank you again for your information. Ora
  3. I have a double knit quilt top of "southern Bells" on white double knit background. I Don't know what to do with it. Do I hand quilt or have it machine quilted? Help.