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  1. Hi, Martha J. I still have my 2008 George in my studio, but a local/nearby buyer is sending a deposit (with intention to buy the George) to me as I type this. I believe the 2008 model George only came with the L-sized bobbin. Thanks for your interest! Katie
  2. Sorry for the delayed reply! Please call me at 512-695-2329. Katie
  3. Check out my ad in the Machines for sale category.
  4. Hi, Nora. What they said above! Wow! So, no... A George does not have a "stitch regulator"; but that hasn't stopped me from quilting even stitches that judges (and you) look for. I have a "sweet spot" quilting speed. I adjust my speed control to that sweet-spot speed (the longer I've been quilting, the faster I go). Then, I'm "pedal to the metal" on my foot control-- so I don't even think about speeding up or slowing down and adjusting my hand-movement speed, unless I want to. And I practice a lot with muslin and leftover fabric quilt "sandwiches" and my leftover batting pieces. Quilting on
  5. If you've been thinking about a mid-arm, sit-down quilting machine, nobody does it better than George! My 2008 George is just dreamy. This George is absolutely in mint condition, gently used, very well maintained, runs like a charm, and purrs like a kitten. My George also comes with loads of extra supplies and add-ons (including an LED light bar and dual spool holder), and that big "butterfly" table (see photo) to accommodate your very large quilting projects (when not in use, the table folds down so you can store it out of the way while you stitch your next quilt top). I'm serious when I
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