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  1. I've had the Reliable Velocity iron for about 4 or 5 years now. The only problem that I've had was when I ran out of distilled water and began to use tap water. Big mistake. It began to sputter and spit and I thought I'd have to replace it. I had a gravity feed iron all researched and picked out when I thought that I should give my one-foot-out-the-door iron one last chance. I emptied it completely, filled it up with distilled water and let it sit and steam and it was fine after that. Darn. I was really looking forward to a gravity feed iron and not having to constantly fill up the water reser
  2. If you're asking about importing a design into Quilt Path there's a video that APQS put on YouTube that thoroughly explains how to do it. There's also a Facebook group for Quilt Path users that is an invaluable source of information. If you're using a different system someone else will have to chime in.
  3. Thanks for posting. My daughter was just asking me why, in all these years of my quilting obsession, haven't I ever attended a quilt show? I'm thinking about making the trek to this one now.
  4. Lately I've noticed tiny, silver flecks of metal on my quilt top after quilting in an area. If I'm doing a panto I'll see 2 or 3 of them close together but not every row. I don't see anything that's loose and there's no grinding noises. Any ideas where they're coming from?
  5. My daughter found this and posted it on my Facebook page. Comments welcome!
  6. Thank you Karen. I'll head back downstairs again tonight and try some of your suggestions.
  7. This is what happens. I want the design to repeat up and down the border but, instead it stacks on itself. I apologize for posting yet another upside down pic. It looks fine until I attach and preview it and I don't know how to fix that either!
  8. How the heck did I post that pic upside down????!!!!!!!!
  9. I'm still playing with the layout but the picture I hope I'm attaching shows the top and bottom inner borders ok'ish. It's the borders on the left and right that I can't get to run the length of the border.
  10. I purchased the Sun Compass Collection from Kay Oft and am attempting to lay out a wholecloth quilt. The quilt will be rather large; 72x108. I have downloaded and printed every how-to concerning QP that I could get my hands on including all the help files that came on QP, Georgene's and Angela Clarks guides. I have hundreds of pages which, at this point, is not a great thing. I'm overwhelmed. I haven't gotten very far getting this quilt laid out. I'm in the Design & Create Quilt mode. I've entered the size of my quilt and I was hoping for a 2" grid but QP disagrees so I went with a 6" grid
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