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  1. Im so sorry for the delay. I got really ill, then had to go out of town and my car broke down! Im stranded at a relatives hose but hope i can make it home today. Would you private message me on my email? Sharonchandle@yahoo.com. In July your listing stated $6000. In October, $7000. Please clarify. thank you!
  2. Thanks to all who provided help, advice and guidance.... Found my machine today! i will pick Millie up in January as soon as my shop is finished. I'm sooo excited! Sharon
  3. Thank you so much, yes! Will be calling you later. Sharon
  4. GMA, I haven't gotten the pictures and other info yet. I checked both my regular email inbox and the spam file, too. Has the Millie been sold?
  5. This one is sold, but not to me....I'm still looking if anyone knows of something similar. Thanks!
  6. Hi. I have emailed you and would like to see if we can close on this machine. you can reach me at 318 927--3012 or 318 272--5516cell. Thanks!
  7. Please go ahead an send pictures and your phone #. I would really likep to discuss the Millie with you.
  8. Would you also advise: L or M bobbin type of wheels
  9. Yes, that would be great. I'd also like to talk to you one evening next week. Would you also send your phone #? Sharonchandle@yahoo.com. thanks very much. Hope you're staying warm!
  10. It will be at least a month before I have a spot ready. Celina is about 4 and a half hours from me.
  11. Hi. I'm interested in your machine, but confused regarding where you are located at this time. Would you please clarify your location? If you have moved to McKinney, Tx, I am not far away.
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