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  1. Top thread is breaking within a minute of stitching. It is winter and very dry. I have new pigtails on. Tension looks good on the stitches. I swapped out the bobbin case and rethreaded top also. Still the same problem. I also changed to a new needle. Suggestions? Frustrated in Oklahoma
  2. I think changing the needle did the trick. I use Glide thread regularly, and don't usually have very many thread breaks. I got the quilt finished, thank goodness.
  3. Using Millie, With Glide thread, Top and bobbin. Am having repeated top thread breaks. The thread is shredding before the break. I just swapped out the needle for a new one and am stitching again. What else could be the problem?
  4. What is the range of stitch length available on the Millie? I would like to be able to set stitch length with precision and accuracy, especially when doing micro-stippling. I need to be able to see the actual stitch length quantified so I can determine exactly the number I want. For example, for microstipling work, I sometimes need a stitch length of up to 18 spi.
  5. Starting to Quilt some material for a client for a stocking. Thicker fabric, I think it's duck cloth. Thread broke. Reloaded, checked tension and now the bobbin thread won't feed at all once loaded. The tension on the bobbin itself is fine. I took off the throat plate, cleaned and oiled and can't see any caught thread. When there is no thread the bobbin seems to spin smoothly. What am I not checking?
  6. Hi Everyone, I am a new user. I know I am allowed to install Quilt Path on my desktop and my laptop for design and importing purposes. How do I go about doing this? Thank you!
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