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  1. I saw a post on QuiltingHub's Facebook page this morning. They are giving away Martelli Notions 45mm Rotary Cutters for participating in their new Quilt Show & Tell forum and/or the Quilter's Q&A. It is based on activity points by the end of the month, and the top two win a cutter and spare blades. It is the Forums and Q&A tabs on www.quiltinghub.com A free cutter and a chance to share our quilts with the world. Hey, I am all for it! Let's share and help!
  2. It is interesting. I really like it. Finding resources (shops & events) for when I travel is a blessing. The home page is offering 9 months free for all new listings this month. Some of my favorite shops are listed and I am going to tell the others about the offer. Add or have your shop added as well. Guilds and their events are free.
  3. As I mentioned in the earlier post about Extensive Quilting Terminology on QuiltingHub.com, the site has other features. You can find shops and events as well. These are the buttons off the home page...
  4. I found a new website with over 300 quilting terms. It appears to be the most complete list of quilting terms ever compiled. Not only does it have the terms, but it tells you which terms are synonyms and other related terms. Excellent for the beginning to intermediate quilter. I highly recommend it. The site also has other features worth looking into, but this one is my favorite! Free newsletter, when you register. Like QuiltingHub on Facebook. Terminology on QuiltingHub.com
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