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  1. I live in Cedar Rapids, and things are very critical at this time. My family and I are not directly affected at our homes and don\'t expect to be. The downtown area is flooded and some places there is over 15 feet of water in businesses. C.R. is divided from the NW to The SE by a river. It is running over all but 1 bridge connecting the two halves. That bridge is closed to all but emergency traffic. Since it is the "Avenue of the Saints" ( interstate from St. Louis to the twin cities, Minn/St.Paul) a lot of traffic has to go around C.R. Some parts of the same interstate are closed farther north in the state. It rained another 2 inches early this morning (Thursday) and is again thundering and lightening and dumping rain. People who have relocated to some shelters are being moved to other shelters on higher ground. The Police Department has evacualted from their building and set up at safer sites. Ham radio operators are working at the law shelter and all hospitals and shelters to try and maintain communication. My husband hasn\'t been called in yet. It is strange some situations that develop in these conditions. They are vacating several jails and are talking on TV about the problems of keeping some prisoners apart. Grudges and future testimony by other prisoners and violent individuals have to get special consideration. Good Grief!! People in the countryside are trapped because of rural roads flooding and county bridges being washed out. Interstate 80 which is a MAJOR interstate across the country is soon to be closed for a 30 mile stretch east of Iowa City. In Iowa City to the south, The University of Iowa is spread out on two sides of the river and is really taking a hit. And the rain just keeps pouring down and down and down........ And water needs to be rationed to our homes! In my 65 years in Iowa I have never seen such rain and tornado activity. I worked the 500 year 1993 flood for Iowa State University, but this one beats it by intensity if not area covered. Every year we have 1 chance in 500 of such weather, but the 1993 and 2008 ones are too darned close and too many for my lifetime. Shanna Cellman Cedar Rapids
  2. I would go on with the show and invest in a multitude of hand sanitizers in different areas of your house. The cruise line we have used four times has dispensers as you board ship and you are asked to use the dispensers at the beginning of the buffets and outside the dining room. Hospitals and other health care facilities have their staff and guests use it. At the least put some in each bathroom open to your guests and in the kitchen and dining room and pretend you are on a holiday cruise. Oh yes....quarantine any family member who is showing symptoms. Shanna in Cedar Rapids
  3. Sue in Australia, You should write users manuals! I take things very literally when I follow directions and so "front of the machine" is where I went. Wrong.... Your directions were perfect! And I did warm up my machine. The half turn didn't do it, so I did the full turn and knew I could then close the top down and get back to my quilt top. I was slightly worried when I first saw all those gold screws, but picked up your instructions I printed out and they sent me to the exact right spot. Were you ever a teacher???? Very grateful for the information Shanna in Cedar Rapids Iowa
  4. Oh, by the husband is a long time ham radio operator. He just after several years waiting got his last country in the world worked for his WAC plaque (Worked All Countries). His call is W0awl here in Iowa
  5. I did a search to find an answer to my problem of the single stitch function continuing to stitch after the initial stitch. I thought I was set to go with the great tips I included below from Mary Beth and John Mitchell. After turning what I perceive as the "gold screw" (I don't know what #8 means) with not much success, I now need to know if it is the right screw. The screw I turned is on the left side of a white plastic platform that holds the "starter with condenser. It this correct, or am I even in the wrong place??? Any help will be appreciated. Shanna ________________ Mary Beth said.... If you take the cover off the machine, near the front, there is a gold screw - #8 - you need to give it just the slightest turn to the right, then try it again. DON'T turn any other screw but #8. That should fix the problem. John Mitchell said.... The screw is a potentiometer (20 turn variable resistor) in the needle speed circuit. When a machine is new it is tight and as it breaks in it runs more freely (just like a new car) you then need to slow the needle speed down so it won't go past the sensor that stops it. Normally they will only need one or two adjustments. If you line voltage varies this sometimes effects the needle speed adjustment. The adjustment can be made by removing the front 4 screws and loosening the rear two and lifting the front up with your left hand while making the adjustments with your right. I alway view it this way cw would screw a screw in (slow down) ccw screw up (speed up).
  6. We asked that question of Gabrielle Swain in a class, 'Interaction of Colors' at Houston in 04. It was a great class on how a color changes when it interacts with a neighbor. She strongly suggested at least the planning wall be a museum grey. It makes sense to me. Museums and art gallerys frequently use that light grey to enhance their works. She said she even goes as far as wearing black in her studio when she is making color decisions. I have read posts to this group regularly and benefitted from them all this treasure trove of knowledge and experience. Glad I can pass on this suggestion. Shanna in Southeast Iowa
  7. I am sewing with Superior Rainbow thread. I can't keep it in the thread guide in front of the tension dial. I sew along and then it jumps out and the thread then breaks. Anybody else have this problem? Shanna in Southern Iowa Liberty