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  1. So, when i am in SR mode i cannot take a half stitch anymore. It always is a stitch and a half now. I have tried all the stitches and they all respond the same. In manual mode there is no problem. Any thoughts? Tammy L.
  2. I am very excited that I have a buyer for my current longarm and will soon be ordering my Lucey! I am giving the buyer any product that is specific to the machine. I have a ton of needles and I don't want to give them all away if they are the same needles the Lucey will need. Can someone please tell me which needles I will be using? Thank you in advance! Tammy
  3. It has a horizontal channel lock as well as a system on the back of the machine which can provide the vertical as well. This system also will guide the machine to make perfect circles. It is 3 rollers and the back roller will move up or down with a switch on the handles. And there is no batting bar. Tammy
  4. For sale: 2007 Prodigy 2412. 24" longarm on a 12 foot frame. Motorized quilt advance Hydraulic Height Adjustment with casters Stitch regulated with tack stitch Front or back mounted laser Micro handles LED lighting Runs smooth, great balanced stitch A computerized system CAN be added to this machine Originally sold for $12,500 and currently lists for $17,500 Asking $8,000 Buyer would need to pick up from the Indianapolis area. Contact me at Lawson7616@yahoo.com Tammy Lawson
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