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  1. I finished two quilts at the end of May so I could take them to 2 of my sisters in central Canada while visiting this summer on our cross country trip to visit Newfoundland for the first time. What a great trip we had! The pattern is Angela Walter’s “Coral”, available free on her website. Both quilts are the same, except the first one I used a slightly contrasting thread (to the background) because I thought it blended a bit better with the print segments and the second quilt I used a matching thread. In the end, I thought the second one came out better as I had figured out the quilting execution by the time I got there! I’ve only attached the front and back pictures of one quilt here.
  2. Kwiltr

    Dresden Plate

    Fabulous quilt and quilting!
  3. So much to look at in these quilts and what fun they must be to make! Great quilting job!
  4. Kwiltr

    Memory Lane

    Cute quilt and perfect quilting!
  5. Great team effort! Very nice!
  6. What an impressive quilt! Great job on the piecing and quilting. He will treasure it I’m sure! Good for you to stretch yourself and just look at what you did!!!
  7. Fun quilt and great job! Boy, those “Turtles” have really had a long run in popularity!
  8. Kwiltr

    Mommy and me Baby Quilts

    Really cute quilts and great job on the quilting Terry! They look fantastic!
  9. Kwiltr

    Base extender drag

    A couple of things I found and remedied... 1. the Hartley ruler base edges are square cut, so fairly sharp and can cause drag. So my husband gently sanded the edges for me to round them off a bit so they don’t “dig in” to the quilt as you move the machine. 2. Around the machine’s needle plate there was a height/depth difference between the needle plate and the ruler base. In speaking with APQS about this, they provided small washers to insert under the plate to raise it and was able to match the height. It’s really only an issue when you use rulers I found as you press down on the quilt a bit when using a ruler a seam can catch in between the needle plate and the ruler base. Hope this helps!
  10. I use a flower head pin. Amy Stuart describes it in the timing video. There’s a link in this thread I don’t know how to share it :-(
  11. Kwiltr

    Stitching Problem

    I was having this same problem recently and it is so frustrating. I made several adjustments and finally got it corrected I think, although I have a lingering issue of my thread not so much shredding, but unwinding itself and eventually shredding when I go right to left more than about four inches at a time. Using Glide 40 wt top, 60 wt bottom. Also, I started getting small loops on top randomly and a couple of small nests on the bottom. But here are some of the things I changed....I noticed my tension spring wasn't moving a whole lot and had little to no snap back in it. Found the instructions in my manual to remove the tension assembly and adjust up the spring. I think it had become dislodged in the slot inside and also it was resting too low, so set it up to the 10-11 o'clock position. Now I think it works as it should. I recently had added the Hartley cone holder on the front of my machine, had read something about it sometimes causing issues, so moved my thread cone back to the back of the machine to alleviate that in the equation. I changed the needle and I also changed one of the pig tails that had a sharp spot on it, the one just before the needle. Finally, I positioned the needle eye at about 6:35ish. I think this and correcting the tension spring had the biggest effect on the tension flatlining. As I've been under a time crunch so haven't had the time to follow through as I think the timing needs a little tweaking in the needle flex to get the right to left shredding issue alleviated. At least now when I adjust the tension it seems to remain more consistent. I haven't been able to connect with APQS yet, a bit of telephone tag. Now if I could get the vibration issue I'm having sorted.... I just traded my Lenni in on a demo Lucey before Christmas and have done very few small projects on Lucey. I've really been questioning my decision..
  12. Well, I was very close to renewing and restarting the Modern Quilt mag as well recently. Glad I didn't. I will miss receiving my MQU magazine :-(. Thanks for the heads up!
  13. Gorgeous quilt and neat story! It's awesome you and your daughter share the quilting interest.
  14. Kwiltr

    MQX New England.

    Aren't classes awesome! I took 5 of 6 classes/lectures Judi offered at the Utah quilt show a few years ago. It was the first time I had done classes at a quilt show and I got so much out of it and had such a great time, I vowed to do it again ASAP! I am registered for some classes at the Canadian National quilt show with Kathleen Riggins at the end of May. Can't wait!
  15. Kwiltr

    Using double batting

    I had to raise my hopping foot a bit when I had a layer of wool and a layer of 80/20 as the hopping foot was pushing the quilt top at times and causing puckers.
  16. It must be picture day today! I just finished binding this quilt I finished quilting right before Christmas. Yesterday was finally dry enough with a little break through light in the clouds so ran outside for pictures. This quilt is a takeoff of the SKOW Moroccan Vibe, enlarged to fit our bed to 96”x 117. This was the quilt I asked so many questions here about double batting and hopping foot height etc. It was certainly a learning experience in so many ways. Quilted on Lenni.
  17. Kwiltr

    NQR...New Addition

    She is adorable!!! Enjoy your new family member! I think she needs a quilt !
  18. Those are both awesome, but I really love the little one! I particularly like your fabric colour choices as they aren't monochromatic. The little one is just adorable! Well done!
  19. I've been thinking the same thing Deb and actually went so far as ordering a small Janome MOD100 from Costco before Christmas. It sewed okay, but what I found was it does not have the same amount of adjustment available in needle position that I'm used to on my 6600 Janome, to name only one of the many features the smaller ones don't have. The fact is, my 6600 has spoiled me for dropping down to a smaller/lesser machine . Subsequent to the MOD100 trial that I returned to Costco, I had a look at the dealer's where I was having my Janome 6600 serviced. They carry Janome, Bernina and Hobbylock and I looked at them all. I ended up asking them to put me on the list for a possible 6600 trade in so I could pick up a second on for classes . Failing that, I wouldn't mind upgrading to the 6700 for home and taking my 6600 out to quilting, but still reeling from the sticker shock on new machine prices ! I'll be interested to hear what you come up with for yourself in this dilemma.
  20. Very nice! I like this approach to scrappy as well.
  21. What everyone else said! It's amazing and your quilting makes it!
  22. Nice quilts! Looks like a cool panto on the grey one!