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  1. Does anyone travel to service machines.... We have a few longarm quilter in the Black Hills area that would be interested in having Spa treatments for our APQS's At one time I had read that David ????? might do that but I didn't write anything down nor do I remember a last name. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Sue
  2. I am not able to go... but entered a quilt in the Adornit Challenge at salt lake city... would you be so kind to post some pics of them... would love to see some of them.... have a great time
  3. this is all great advice... I have quilted for awhile now and still this information is great!!! I have learned a lot on you tube.... pinterest (I love).... I have lots of books... going to guild meeting and seeing what others do there... some of my clients will bring me their quilts and let me study the work others have done (which is really nice of them.... but you have to ask them what others have done that they like otherwise they won't offer, I have found) I love going to quilt show and take longarm classes...
  4. Thanks so very much Oma for all your work... got my fabric last week... just had some time in-between quilts to catch up and let you know.....this has been a fun experience will be looking forward to doing it again.... lets challenge everyone to show their projects with all the pretty fabric... OK... thanks again Sue
  5. will you email us the address of where to send our FQ fabric.... if we buy yardage... are we to make sure it is cut into FQ... and so I am correct.... We are to purchase THE SAME fabric for 10 FQ is this correct..????? Can we send them anytime to you... but before February??? Thanks Sue
  6. I would be interested... I don't have any oriental patterns... so that would be good if you could share one... count me in... Sue
  7. Am I too late to join in. would love to join the swap Sue
  8. I have never been involved in a swap and would love to join in this adventure... will we get a list of who/where they go? I vote for strips/ and don't care about a theme... Count me in.... will you keep this post to the front... sometimes I loss the posts and cant find them... (any ideas on hos to find the post) Sue south Dakota
  9. I am interested please send me an email... I already sent you one Thanks Sue
  10. I am interested in the Pajama Quilter book & DVD... here is my email.. Thanks Sue
  11. I am going to chime in toooooo... I also would like to get Darlene pocket guild books... anyone else have a set they want to sell please email me.. Thanks Sue:
  12. I too have had problems with QNN tv... I signed up for a year membership... I had access for about a month... I was busy for a couple weeks and did not use it... when I came back I did NOT have access anymore... tried to get this resolved and never did... there has been some things that I would love to watch... but not willing to take a chance at loosing $24 again for only a month.... wish we could do something about this as it would be great to get these classes to watch... Sue
  13. I too would like this feature