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  1. Oh Thank you ! I love this place...... Y'all are always so helpful ! Thanks again !
  2. How do I adjust the stitch length on my Millennium.... Is it a matter of speeding up the motor? How do I do that lol ?
  3. OK ! I am stoked now... and I love my longarm again <3 .... I did just about everything anyone suggested, and it is looking great now ! Changed needle, changed bobbin, etc. Woo Hoo ! Thanks so much everyone... If you were here, I would bake cookies for Y'all !
  4. Holy Cow ! You guys are just awesome ! Thank you so much for the tips. I am not going to have time today to work on it.... 'walk away, just walk away'... so that isn't a problem, lol ! I will certainly try all these wonderful tips until it gets right. I am so new that I didn't even think that the needle would flex... but.... DUH or course it does ! I will get back to y'all as soon as I have a chance to play around a little more. Thanks Y'all ! Jo
  5. Thanks for the tips, Lynn... The fingernail test is bumpy.... it is the top thread coming through. I think it's getting better, but before the pokies on the bottom are gone, there are a few pokies on top. especially in the points ... With the bobbin coming out of the case, I don't even tug on it... it just falls out, like it is an improper fit or something. What thread do you use? I never knew there was a 'right ond wrong' side to batting ! Wow... I will keep that in mind too !
  6. Yep... but Jamie's you tube test works brilliantly !
  7. I am using Signature thread. I watched that you tube video and all that is great. He's fabulous. I still have pokies on quilt back. I will try turning the needle now.... Thanks everyone !
  8. Ok Cool . Thank you ! I will check it out. Is it normal for the bobbin to pop right out of the case?
  9. Well.....I have this new Millennium, you see, and I am so frustrated with I can't even look at it ! Tension issues and bobbin issues. I see 'pokies' on back side of quilt... I have tightened the top thread tension so the pokies are gone, and now my thread breaks every 30 seconds. Moving on to the next step, I get my bobbin case out, and my bobbin won't stay in the case, so I can't do a 'drop test'... With the other stuff that went wrong this morning, I just could sit and cry. Ever get that frustrated? Anyone have comments?
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