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  1. Oh Thank you ! I love this place...... Y'all are always so helpful ! Thanks again !
  2. How do I adjust the stitch length on my Millennium.... Is it a matter of speeding up the motor? How do I do that lol ?
  3. OK ! I am stoked now... and I love my longarm again <3 .... I did just about everything anyone suggested, and it is looking great now ! Changed needle, changed bobbin, etc. Woo Hoo ! Thanks so much everyone... If you were here, I would bake cookies for Y'all !
  4. Holy Cow ! You guys are just awesome ! Thank you so much for the tips. I am not going to have time today to work on it.... 'walk away, just walk away'... so that isn't a problem, lol ! I will certainly try all these wonderful tips until it gets right. I am so new that I didn't even think that the needle would flex... but.... DUH or course it does ! I will get back to y'all as soon as I have a chance to play around a little more. Thanks Y'all ! Jo
  5. Thanks for the tips, Lynn... The fingernail test is bumpy.... it is the top thread coming through. I think it's getting better, but before the pokies on the bottom are gone, there are a few pokies on top. especially in the points ... With the bobbin coming out of the case, I don't even tug on it... it just falls out, like it is an improper fit or something. What thread do you use? I never knew there was a 'right ond wrong' side to batting ! Wow... I will keep that in mind too !
  6. Yep... but Jamie's you tube test works brilliantly !
  7. I am using Signature thread. I watched that you tube video and all that is great. He's fabulous. I still have pokies on quilt back. I will try turning the needle now.... Thanks everyone !
  8. Ok Cool . Thank you ! I will check it out. Is it normal for the bobbin to pop right out of the case?
  9. Well.....I have this new Millennium, you see, and I am so frustrated with I can't even look at it ! Tension issues and bobbin issues. I see 'pokies' on back side of quilt... I have tightened the top thread tension so the pokies are gone, and now my thread breaks every 30 seconds. Moving on to the next step, I get my bobbin case out, and my bobbin won't stay in the case, so I can't do a 'drop test'... With the other stuff that went wrong this morning, I just could sit and cry. Ever get that frustrated? Anyone have comments?
  10. Yep... I need to practice practice practice ! ! !
  11. Wow... ! Thanks for that ! I was doing it the hard way apparently, lol ! Your way is a lot quicker, and less pinning ! Woo ! Just so I have it right, the top and batting 'float' across the top of the bars closest to head of machine...? Genius
  12. I looked at that site, and didn't really get much info on how to load it... Step by step.... pin back (right side down) to backing roller. Pin other end to take up roller Pin top (right side up) to quilt top roller When do I roll the bars?
  13. Thanks so much.... i will look right away !
  14. Well..... i have my new machine (loving it). The DVD I got must be a bad one, I get no sound and it has locked 2 computers.... Anyway, I wonder, could anyone please either provide a link showing me how to pin in my quilt back, top, and batting..... Or give me step by step directions... pretending I an in 6th grade, lol..... Thanks !
  15. Hi everyone.... I'm getting ready to do my first panto..... I've seen videos on where to put my 'dots' top and bottom, but none had a dashed outline of the top of the previous row.... how does this change the positioning of my 'dots' ?