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  1. I’m trying to do fill-in 1/4” straight lines using a ruler with a ruler base in stitch regulated mode. Retracing design to get to spot to begin straight line is a fight with my machine. Stitches are unpredictable and I’m not able to retrace my previous stitch line. I have no problem doing bump back feathers or retracing anything else. I tried taking off stitch regulated mode and the stitches are smaller and tighter. Help? Using glide bobbin, so fine top and have a Freddie.
  2. We finally read the directions and for the APQS Freddie we could adjust the legs 9". Much better!
  3. I'll put that lift on my wish list for the future. His mind is still reeling from the purchase price....
  4. Glad to hear, the ergonomic stool is on my wish list....I can't stand for long either. Hubby helped me raise the legs tonight so it is perfect now!
  5. Newbie still trying to get in my groove but feel like my table is too low. The front roller is about 2" below my belly button and my arms are not at 90 degree angle. ( yes, I'm tall and long waisted). How long are the adjustable legs on the APQS Freddie? I even think I'd prefer it higher than 90 degrees...
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