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  1. Thanks everyone for your input. I've been emailing with Amy at APQS (I'm in Australia) working through all these issues but she's away for a couple of weeks so thought I'd see if anyone else had any ideas of what I could try. Some good suggestions here - I'll go spend some time now working through them!
  2. Only a drop of the oil that came with my machine. I used to oil my HQ Avante after every bobbin with no problems. Can't figure out why this consistently happens
  3. Hi, I've had a lot of trouble with thread break, backlash etc since getting my new to me machine 3 months ago. It's run pretty well the last 6 or 7 quilts I've done with minimal thread break and good tension. I hadn't oiled the bobbin area in all that time as last time I did I got horrible backlash, loop and thread breaks. I oiled the bobbin area again last night and the same thing happened. I've attached a picture - it's almost like a chain stitch on the back! When I tighten the top tension the thread breaks immediately. Has anyone else had anything like this happen when they oil the machine?
  4. Hi Nigel, yes I do. Makes no difference with it on or off. Ill ask Amy, working through lots of other issues with her about this machine so I'll add this to the list! Thanks
  5. Hi all, I am really having trouble with my stitch length on stitch regulated mode. I am trying to do some outlining around appliqué ( hope you can see in the picture) & these tiny stitches are supposed to be 7 stitches per inch, the lowest setting I have on my Freddie. I have a bliss table as well which makes things a bit harder to control but surely the stitch length should be a bit more accurate than this? Thanks!
  6. Hi Jim, thanks for your thoughts. When I stitch a panto I use my Intelliquilter, I did not have any problem with thread breakage. When I freehand (background fills etc) I have the breaks. Happens on stitch regulated & manual modes. Frustrating! I'm going to try different batting when I get home tonight.
  7. I have had my Freddie for a couple of weeks, just cannot seem to quilt anything freehand without top thread breaking. I have tried, new needle, different size needles, rethreading, different thread, net on cone, batting in thread guide, loosening/tightening tension on both bobbin & top. This is in stitch regulated mode. I'm also getting occasional very loose stitches on the top & tangling on the back. What can I try next wise ones??
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