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  1. I, too, am in love with my vintage Singer 301!!! I was taught to sew on my Mom's many (50+) years ago & was lucky enough to be gifted that very machine a year ago. It's a treasure and I recently ran across another black, long bed 301 that I just had to have. I also have a featherweight but prefer the workhorse 301. It's also very easy to travel with.
  2. All this math talk has made me chuckle. I am horrible at math, always have been. I flunked high school algebra. My sister on the other hand has excelled, she's been a high school math teacher for 35 years. She has never understood my struggle. As an adult I have realized that I am dyslexic...especially with numbers. At first glance, my mind actually sees a series of numbers out of order. I have learned that I ALWAYS have to double & many times triple check my work. Measure twice (or 3-4 times), cut once! The struggle is real.
  3. So lovely! Thanks for sharing where to find the pattern, definitely going to look it up.
  4. Mary Beth, we are currently living in Elkhart which is in extreme SW Kansas. We are about 2 hours north of Amarillo, Tx. We will be moving to Wichita when we retire.
  5. I'm wanting to know as well. I am currently looking and trying to decide if I want to purchase a longarm now. My husband & I are close to retirement, but he is currently working. We aren't sure at this point if his job will be for 6mo or a year. When his job is finished we will plan on moving closer to our children & grandkids. Right now his job has provided a home for us that has a huge finished basement (big enough for a long arm). My husband is supportive of me getting a long arm, but he doesn't want me to get one until we move. He is afraid it will be too hard to move. I'm hoping you all can help me convince him otherwise. Thanks for any info!
  6. Love your quilting! I'm currently working on 2 twin sized Fancy Forest for my granddaughters in purple, teal & gray. I may be stealing your quilting idea. Love it! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Hi! I've been a lurker here for some time, but had to chime in here. Yes, I agree with everyone else here....take the stove! My dear sweet mother-in-law passed away a couple years ago. A few years before she passed, my husband & I were at her house visiting. After lunch, she & I were doing the dishes and she told me after she passed she wanted us to have a set of silverware that had been passed down in my husbands family. I knew nothing of this silverware & for all I knew it was nothing of real value. She also told my husband of her wishes and he dismissed it, but did tell her if that was what she wanted she needed to tell his sister. His sister J was the only daughter and was very much in "control" of her estate. Well. after she passed J was deciding who got what and my husband told her the only thing he wanted was that set of silverware. My husband had never seen this set either & was not sure what it consisted of....but his sister sure did. There was an argument about it and J even said that my mother-in-law was not in her "right mind" when she said I could have that silver ware. My husband stood up to her and never backed down until she finally gave in. She finally handed over the silverware...it was a complete set of 12 place setting of solid silver from the 1940's. There are also several pieces of matching serving pieces. My husbands grandmother had purchased it. We love and cherish that silver, not for its monetary value.....but, because my dear sweet mother-in-law wanted us to have it. We get that silver out every holiday and enjoy it with our family.
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