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  1. We are still working on the prototype. It will take at least a year for the patent to be awarded.
  2. It might not help with your quilting. Getting the tension right to get the tiny knots to stay between the layers and in the batting may be difficult. But if it does work then you won't have to wind bobbins or change bobbins. It also may work well for automated quilting systems like QuiltMotion because an entire quilt can be sewn and automated with motorized rollers.
  3. My patent application became public this week. I have experience in the quilting industry and this patent is geared towards quilting so I am posting it here. The patent office link was way too long. Sorry. You can view it by going to uspto.gov and search patent applications. Put as term 1 sewing machine and then search. It will be near the top of the list titled "Bobbinless Sewing Machine and Stitch" Then click on the blue button "images" then click on "Full Pages" to view the full patent application you can see my background on LinkedIn.