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  1. Double ck you don't have any threads tangled up around any of the wheels. May just need to also wax the edge that the wheels run on.
  2. Here is what I mean by the canvases being taped on of unequal distance from the edge of the bars.
  3. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what my problem is? I’ve owned this since 2007, new. Originally was for a business but, didn’t get the #’s to make it work so, it has not done hundreds upon hundreds of quilts. Difficult to call anyone during weekday’s as I work outside my home/studio. I can’t use the channel locks nor my Hartley for making circles as they waver off about a ¼ of inch from starting point to the other side. Hopefully the 2 attached photos will help where I’m at the starting point on 1 side & by using the channel lock I’m off at the other end. Several people have previously suggested my canvas is no longer square & I’ve tried to understand several of the methods to sq them up as the backing & tops were not loading sq to each other. Yet, by taking a measurement from the edge of bars to the edge of the canvases, it appears they are not taped on an equal distance. I'll try to attach those separately. The 2 front bars are 6 ¾ & almost 7 & the top is slightly over 6 ½. If those were not taped on sq to begin with, it seems that would make everything else off. Help! I’m so fed up that I’m about ready to just say forget it. I’m certainly not doing as much quilting because I’m not able to use the machine to its fullest potential and not fun anymore. Any suggestions?
  4. Good luck. Hopefully someone can give you some better direction than I've received. I've tried several methods and still not squared up. looking forward to seeing what responses you get.
  5. Ditto. Sometimes I actually dye white sheets to better match the quilt. Have never had a problem.
  6. Little slow responding but, thanks everyone
  7. Recently I have started to challenge myself to try to create my own quilt design – one a year. This one is (for right now unless someone can give me a better idea) is titled “Bird’s Eye View.” In my full time profession I use Goggle Earth on a regular basis. About 10 years ago I was looking over western KS and just kept seeing a quilt with all of the sections as a block and many of the crop circles creating the design. It’s only taken me 10 years to put pictures and idea to fabric. Most of the blocks are appliqued. There is some dimension as I used some rope and yarn. The quilting was done on my Milli with the Hartley Fence creating the circles from the irrigation wheels. Thanks for looking. I just want to encourage everyone to try to make their own creation at least once.