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    I hang my single roll from the ceiling on a closet pole with eye hooks in ea. end and the ceiling) and about 12" of chain from a swag light fixture. To cut, I roll down and measure (on the fold side) and pin on the the mark. I have a laser light that shoots a line (as opposed to a dot) from a bookshelf across the room. I align the pin and the laser line and cut. This can be tricky because the roll sometimes wants to be a race car so I always have 3-4 pins handy to secure it. The laser light keeps me from wasting batting due to wavy cuts!
    Oh, I also have a folding, 2-step ladder cause I have short legs;)
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    Karielle reacted to ffq-lar in Batting storage?   
    Hi Bonnie--since your batting roll is stored on a bar, have you tried pulling the end up through the rollers and standing while cutting your length? I use a flexible measuring tape to step out the amount needed, mark with blue marker where to cut, and use the roller to eyeball a straight cut. No crawling on the floor!
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    I store on the bar under the table, BUT every time I have to cut, I have to get down on my knees and I don't have a lot of room down there. I've stored some in a spare bedroom and when I cut I roll it out on the bed. When I have company, which is rare, I just stand the roll in a corner of the sewing room. I've noticed that if you stand them on the end, it's better to stand on the edge end rather than the fold end. The fold can become worn and mussed by the time you get to the end of the bolt.
    Food for thought...
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    Hi Lore,
    Ikeep several rolls of batting on hand for my customers. If you have a tax-id, you can get the batting wholesale at quite a saving.
    Storage is a tough one. I can hold a regular batt (90" long) and a king batt on the roller under my machine. The batts are folded in half, like Boni mentioned but they can be pulled up and cut pretty easily the way Linda R (ffq-lar) explained. I have a batting storage solution that I have been nagging my DH about for months. So far, it is just a photo.
    I think this is from Vicki Welsh over on MQ Resource. This would be my cadillac of batting storage.