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  1. Hi Gloria, I just wanted to let you know that the buyer came today to pick up the 2009 Millenium. Thanks again for your interest and good luck in finding a machine! Amy
  2. Hi Gloria, I said I would get back to you today about the 2009 Millenium. I have someone coming May 8 or 9 to buy it, but if for some reason that doesn't happen, I will contact you to let you know it's still available. Thanks again for your interest! Amy
  3. Hi Gloria, Thanks for your interest in the millennium. It's been a great machine and I will definitely let you know next week what the status is. Amy
  4. Hi Lisa, I may have a buyer, but will know for sure next Monday the first of May. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have. Amy
  5. I just checked "MapQuest" and it looks like it's a 6 hour trip. If you look at a map and find Pioneer, Ohio, I'm just over the border into Michigan 3 miles. The road is "15" in Ohio and changes to "99/Pioneer Road" once it crosses over into Michigan. I could call you Sunday evening to talk about the machine? or Monday sometime? Let me know what time would work for you.
  6. That sounds fun- I've heard of other people who are in business with their daughters!!. I am happy to answer any questions you have about the machine. When I was deciding what price to ask, I did some research and other 2009 milleniums were going for $12,000 or 11,5000, so I thought my $11,000 was a great price to ask. If it isn't sold in a few months I might consider bringing the price down. If you think you may be serious about it, we could talk on the phone. Thanks again for your inquiry!
  7. Hi Kathleen- yes it's still for sale. I'm selling it because I've decided to refocus on my wool business and let go of the quilting part of my business. My studio is small and I'll need the space for extra wool storage and spinning wheels and other wool working equipment and it just won't work to have the quilt machine in there also.
  8. 2009 Millenium for sale- well maintained, spa service and wheel upgrade in 2015, original owner. Includes: 12 foot table, power advance, hydraulic power table lift, mircrodrive, stitch regulator, lower thread cutter, horizontal dual spool holder, leader grips, zipper loading system, laser light. Will add in Turbo Bobbin Winder plus original manuals and DVD's. This machine is in great shape! and has been used for personal use and for a small quilt business. Original cost: $20,208.95. Asking $11,000. Located in southern Michigan near OHIO border.