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  1. MaryQuiltsTx

    leader grippers

    Sorry I didn't find any videos but here are a couple of links: Hope you find info you can use.
  2. MaryQuiltsTx

    leader grippers

    I used to use the leader grips and I still think they are great. But I have switched to zippers and find them to be even easier to use. It is easier on my back to sit at a table and pin to the zipper than to lean over my machine. snapping on the grips. But that strictly has to do with my back issues. Having used both, would have to say that the grips are faster but folks with hand or back issues may find them a bit trying. The zippers take a bit longer to pin in place but very easy on the back and hands. So you have to weigh the pros and cons.
  3. MaryQuiltsTx

    Scoop Foot?

    I am with Sharon, I love my scoop foot. It glides over the humps, it doesn't catch and flip the edge if I happen to go a bit too far and it doesn't hang up on my appliques, which I do a lot of.
  4. MaryQuiltsTx

    A Lion-size Dream

    Really beautiful job on this quilt. Your FMQ is really good.
  5. I guess the question really is...what size quilts do you make most often. I personally do not have a king size bed. No one in my family does so I do not make king size quilts so a 10 ft table is all I need. I would indeed feel cramped with a 12 ft table in a 14ft room but that is just me. Angling it would make the room seem even smaller to me. This really comes down to personal preference. Set up two chairs or tables at the width of a 12 ft table. Or spread out a sheet on the floor and fold it to the dimensions of the 12' versus the 10' table. See how much floor space it takes up. There are thread cabinets that fit under the table that will save additional floor space so that won't be too big a factor. The chances of doing a panto from the back may be slim if you are using Quilt Path but you still need to be able to get back there for maintenance and general cleaning. Map it out so you can physically see what you will be dealing with.
  6. Wow, those are gorgeous. That must of been some stiff competition to beat out Henry, he is awesome. And Ellie is as cute as can be.
  7. Beautiful quilt. I love how you quilted and then painted the flowers in the baskets. Great job.
  8. MaryQuiltsTx

    Folk Art Applique quilt

    Very ncely done. Your quilting compliments the quilt nicely.
  9. MaryQuiltsTx

    This is what it's all about.......

    I am so lucky my daughter loves quilting. I hope to pass it on to others someday. I think it is wonderful that she made this with your help.
  10. MaryQuiltsTx

    Baby quilt

    That's the cutest quilt I have seen in awhile. The colors are so rich, it is just beautiful.
  11. MaryQuiltsTx

    Using scoop foot on applique

    I use my scoop foot on applique all the time and it works great, it never catches on any edges at all.
  12. MaryQuiltsTx

    Christmas Quilting

    The tree skirt is awesome. I love it. And both of the table runners are very pretty.
  13. I have the stripology ruler too and it has improved my cutting tremendously. I would recommend for all the reasons Baihly did.
  14. MaryQuiltsTx

    Batting tape

    I have used it on both sides and so have had it facing both the front and the back of the quilt and haven't noticed any difference at all. I use it quite often.
  15. MaryQuiltsTx

    Trimming Question

    This discussion has provided a lot of useful information. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experience.
  16. MaryQuiltsTx

    Christmas panel

    That turned out very pretty.
  17. MaryQuiltsTx

    variegated thread in bobbin

    Don't we all. Cagey, I think you are right about generalized statements. Too many of these "facts" come from one isolated incident. Testing it for yourself is always the best way to go.
  18. Wow, that woman was rude. Sorry about that. I had my fill working with rude people when I worked at the bank for years. I will probably never do quilting for people for that very reason.You just can't sort the good from the bad, they don't wear signs unfortunately.
  19. MaryQuiltsTx

    Magnifier warning

    I don't have a big magnifier but can see one in my future. I NEVER would have thought of this so really appreciate your warning. So glad you found it in time.
  20. MaryQuiltsTx

    Can Lucey handles this?

    It almost looks like the iron on vinyl to make raincoats etc. I am pretty sure it is not meant to be quilted. She may have to make a wall hanging out of this..... if it is not too heavy to hang. If she has some left, I would have her attach it to some t shirt scraps and then reheat it and see if it peels off. Even if there is a bit of residue, it would be better than having this heavy stuff on there. Then she can attach some lighter weight stabilizer, the right kind. It will be a lot of work to take apart and re-do. Guess it depends on how precious the shirts are too her.
  21. MaryQuiltsTx

    Customer Service

    So far the emails and phone calls is the only way they want to handle my thread breakage problem and I only bought it in March. I have done al the trouble shooting 2-4 times. Its not fixing anything. Nothing changes so I find myself not quilting. Very nice people, just not enough of them to go around I guess.
  22. MaryQuiltsTx

    Path of Irma and Jose

    That must be tough. Wish we could send groceries your way. I know a lot of crews are working around the clock on the power. Things are still pretty bad on the Texas coast too. Y'all hang in there.
  23. MaryQuiltsTx

    Path of Irma and Jose

    Wow, a real life COPS episode. I am glad no one got hurt by the guy with the gun. Glad you have your water and power back. Hope things return to normal for you soon.
  24. MaryQuiltsTx

    Is This "Normal" - Update

    All I can offer is empathy. I know how it feels to be worried about running short. I hope it works out for you.
  25. MaryQuiltsTx

    Day at the lake quilt

    That is awesome. Just love it. Thanks for sharing.