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    MaryQuiltsTx got a reaction from NHDeb in Scoop Foot?   
    I am with Sharon, I love my scoop foot. It glides over the humps, it doesn't catch and flip the edge if I happen to go a bit too far and it doesn't hang up on my appliques, which I do a lot of.
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    MaryQuiltsTx got a reaction from Gail O in leader grippers   
    I used to use the leader grips and I still think they are great. But I have switched to zippers and find them to be even easier to use. It is easier on my back to sit at a table and pin to the zipper than to lean over my machine. snapping on the grips. But that strictly has to do with my back issues. Having used both,  would have to say that the grips are faster but folks with hand or back issues may find them a bit trying. The zippers take a bit longer to pin in place but very easy on the back and hands. So you have to weigh the pros and cons.
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    MaryQuiltsTx got a reaction from NHDeb in A Lion-size Dream   
    Really beautiful job on this quilt. Your FMQ is really good. 
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    MaryQuiltsTx reacted to IBQLTN2 in Quilt show pictures of Henry and Ellie the elephants   
    These are my 2 elephant quilts that I won ribbons on at our guild quilt show.  Henry won the judges choice and honorable menti9n ribbon and Ellie won an honorable mention ribbon.  

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    MaryQuiltsTx reacted to Gator in Pantograph design software   
    Cost and capabilities.  I have both programs, I find the Pre-Design Studio simple to use.  I think it would be plenty of program for doing your own quilting designs.  I bought Art and Stitch because I also do embroidery digitizing.   Just my opinion.
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    MaryQuiltsTx reacted to Quilta93 in Emergency room triage nurses needed STAT   
    Your quilt and quilting are beautiful!
    I remember someone having a problem with and used synthropol.  I did a search and it happened to Vicki M., and it was a crayon colored quilt, so don’t know if it will help you.   Here’s the link. Click on the date.
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    MaryQuiltsTx reacted to LisaC in Emergency room triage nurses needed STAT   
    Shana, remember this article by Vicki Welsch.
    Lisa E and I were just talking about this. She just had the same problem. Your quilt is stunning and I llove, love love your flowers! Basket quilts are one of my favorites. Keep us posted.
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    MaryQuiltsTx reacted to quiltmonkey in Emergency room triage nurses needed STAT   
    Ok I’m being overly dramatic. I dabbled dampened paper towel of water on small area to close up some quilting stitches I ripped out ( done this many times- great results and never problems) but this time loose pink dye came out and bled. About 4” size area. What’s the easiest solution to get this out? I don’t want to wash entire quilt. Can I just work this small area? Advice and solutions to get dye out? Here’s photos of the finished quilt. After quilting blocks I decided to quilt flowers inside and then got a wild hair and decided to paint all of the flowers using Tsukineko fabric pens... had a blast—Fun project! 


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    MaryQuiltsTx got a reaction from qltnbe in Folk Art Applique quilt   
    Very ncely done. Your quilting compliments the quilt nicely.
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    MaryQuiltsTx reacted to quiltmonkey in This is what it's all about.......   
    A few months ago, my neighbor's 13 year old daughter asked me to help her make a quilt. How could I say no? Twist my arm? LOL!  
    Anyway, this Christmas break, we got together, she picked a quilt pattern (The Road to Oklahoma) and then we went shopping for fabrics. Ultimately, I wanted her to be the decision maker for her fabrics, batting, backing, etc... I didn't want to say "NO" so I gave her some gentle guidance with fabric choices, and she chose a variety of pastel pinks, blues, grays and a tone on tone white for the background and we added a pretty light pink inner border fabric and outer border that had all of the colors of her quilt. We used the extra strips of pastel gray and pinks for the binding. She chose ultra high loft polyester batting and the backing was lusciously soft pink and white minkee. I told her to buy extra minkee backing to make sure we had plenty of backing and I told her if we had leftover minkee we could use it to make something else...  And if you're curious what we did with the leftover minkee... I had enough to make two pillow cases (I surprised her with those!!) Can you imagine how soft that might be to lay your pretty little head?  We also made a label and sewed it on the back "Made by Jacee, January 2018, North Pole Alaska" when it came to the quilting part, I showed her all sorts of adorable quilting designs she could pick from... but surprisingly, she wanted a meander. OK, girl... you got it!
    She is absolutely thrilled with this (she now realized how much work goes into making a quilt!). I told her the more you wash it the softer it will get and it will last many many years. So here she is cuddled inside her quilt. She's a beautiful girl. It felt good to share my love of quilting and inspire her to possibly do this again in the future. She's really into soccer (like serious stuff -- she could be an olympian...she's that good at soccer she plays in soccer tournaments all over the west coast!)  I can imagine her bringing this quilt with her to the soccer tourneys, sleep-overs with school friends, etc... it will be loved and used for sure!  A bonus to the story, her mom and dad are completely over the moon about this. In fact, Mom came over and helped us pin and lay out the quilt while Jacee sewed. When Mom and Jacee were out of state at a soccer tournament, her Daddy came over one day to sew the outer border on the quilt. So, it was a family project that all of them can take pride in. YAAY! 
    Anyway, thought I'd share this sweet story. Happy quilting everyone! 

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    MaryQuiltsTx reacted to iquiltit in M Bobbin Installation   
    I took my Millie by the front handles and decided to operate on her. I bought all the necessary parts to make her an M bobbin. I took all her L parts out. I sanded the shaft and wiped it off , greased the inside where the shaft goes. I installed the M guts and I am proud to say everything went very good. She is sewing like a champ. Carol
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    MaryQuiltsTx reacted to harcathy in Baby quilt   
    This is a baby quilt I made for a soon to be born baby boy. The nursery is an “Under the Sea” theme.

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    MaryQuiltsTx got a reaction from Kwiltr in Christmas Quilting   
    The tree skirt is awesome. I love it. And both of the table runners are very pretty.
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    MaryQuiltsTx got a reaction from Quilta93 in Batting tape   
    I have used it on both sides and so have had it facing both the front and the back of the quilt and haven't noticed any difference at all. I use it quite often.
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    MaryQuiltsTx got a reaction from Quilta93 in Batting tape   
    I have used it on both sides and so have had it facing both the front and the back of the quilt and haven't noticed any difference at all. I use it quite often.
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    MaryQuiltsTx reacted to jimerickson in Check Spring Not Moving   
    Melissa:  If you haven't solved this issue yet, my guess is that the check spring is either broken, or out of place (more likely broken).  Remove the tension assembly (there's a set screw at the back of the sewing head that holds the entire assembly in place) and examine it.  There is a small "tail" at the inside end of the take up spring.  It should rest in a slot in the body of the tension assembly.  I think it's broken off, or out of place.  If so buy yourself a new one, take the assembly apart replace the spring, and reassemble.  You can adjust the strength of the spring by turning it before you clamp it down.  Good luck.  Jim
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    MaryQuiltsTx reacted to RunningThreads in Check Spring Not Moving   
     Before you take anything apart.  Push the spring down with your finger, does it snap back?  If so there is nothing wrong there.  I reread your original post and you mentioned adjusting tension, if you have the tension backed way off that spring won’t deflect much if at all when pulling the thread through it.  Try tightening about half a turn and see what happens.
    Fyi the purpose of that spring is to take the slack out of the thread when the needle is out of the fabric so the thread doesn’t get tangled around the needle.  It actually doesn’t have much if any effect on the tension.
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    MaryQuiltsTx got a reaction from quilterkp in Trimming Question   
    This discussion has provided a lot of useful information. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experience.
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    MaryQuiltsTx reacted to loraquilts in Trimming Question   
    Okay, I'm confused.    When you trim a quilt, why would you trim it 1/4" or 1/2" larger than the edge of the quilt top?  Why not trim even with the edge of the top? 
    If you roll over the backing to use as the binding, I can see trimming 1" away from the quilt top, but you'd still have to trim the batting away right up to the edge of the top. 
    What am I missing?  I'm always interested in how and why others do things differently, so please help me understand.  Could it be that I've been trimming my quilts wrong all these years?  
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    MaryQuiltsTx reacted to quiltmonkey in Trimming Question   
    For clarification, Lora, I trim down to 1/2 inch and sew my binding on and THEN I trim off the excess batting and backing before folding binding over. 
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    MaryQuiltsTx reacted to jimerickson in Trimming Question   
    Cagey:  I've both sewn down the outer edge, and left it unsewn.  I pretty much leave it unsewn now.  The problem I've encountered sewing it down is that as I quilt, the top seems to get bigger.  I've speculated that this is because the piecing is not pressed tight to the seams, and as you quilt that extra fabric migrates to the pieces and makes them bigger than they first appeared to be.  At any rate as I approach the sewn line at the edge I end up with a "wave" of extra fabric.  In order to avoid the puckers associated with this technique, I have to cut out the edge stitching anyway.  So now I avoid this by just not bothering to sew the edge down until the quilting is done.  Since you're only dealing with a six inch border, that I assume isn't pieced, theoretically there isn't any extra fabric hiding in the seams to move out, so you'd be OK doing this.  Now my entire experience is limited to frame mounted machines, so I don't have any experienced with cabinet mounted ones, and that sewing down the edge might not result in the same problem.  Just my thoughts.
    My experience with trimming is that many quilt judges will knock off for not filling the binding with batting.  They look down their noses at unfilled or quilt top filled, binding.   BTW, I like Linda, never trim a quilt for a customer.  I'll cut excess batting away, leaving a generous allowance for finishing.  Jim
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    MaryQuiltsTx reacted to judyday in Christmas panel   
    Here is the quilt. 
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    MaryQuiltsTx got a reaction from InesR in My very first RUDE customer and I've been quilting for 11 years!   
    Wow, that woman was rude. Sorry about that. I had my fill working with rude people when I worked at the bank for years. I will probably never do quilting for people for that very reason.You just can't sort the good from the bad, they don't wear signs unfortunately.
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    MaryQuiltsTx got a reaction from Cagey in variegated thread in bobbin   
    Don't we all. 
    Cagey, I think you are right about generalized statements. Too many of these "facts" come from one isolated incident.  Testing it for yourself is always the best way to go.
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    MaryQuiltsTx got a reaction from Quilta93 in Magnifier warning   
    I don't have a big magnifier but can see one in my future. I NEVER would have thought of this so really appreciate your warning. So glad you found it in time.