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  1. When I am at the bottom of panto pattern hard to move machine an when at the top of pattern it glides along smoothly seem almost like balance issue?
  2. I have had my millie a few months now and only do pantos. When I first start horizontal line ions fine but put in corner and lock vertical laser light curves approximately 1/4 inch per ft causing problems when roll quilt to next row. Any suggestions?
  3. Thanks for the info I will check connection wheels are touching seems to be intermittent so Hopefully it will be connection
  4. Just bought used millennium last month after several adjustments had it running smoothly. Then started getting long stitches in sideways movement check service videos and got new encoder wheels worked great for couple quilts now occasionally on sideways movement it will come to complete stop, not good doing customer quilts lol works fine non regulated could it possibly be in wiring in encoder ?
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