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  1. I have to oil it often, because of the clacking noise if I don't. I was told to adjust the speed of the motor. That helped for a while, but then back to vibrating. The table is level and does not shake. The machine and the gray table top vibrate. I think we checked the wheels. I guess we will try adjusting the motor speed again. It seems the vibration is up by the needle. Changing the needle doesn't make any difference in the vibration. Thank you for all your suggestions. Bobbi
  2. I have had my Lenni for 3 years. It seems the vibration is getting worse. There is also a clacking noise in the bobbin case. I do not see or feel a vibration in the metal top cover like those stated above. The whole bliss table vibrates sometimes to the point that the panto moves out of place. I have to hold my left hand pushing down on the gray boards to keep it from vibrating so much that I can't follow the panto. I have had it serviced and was told it was running very smoothly when leaving the shop. I get it home and it's still vibrating. I am almost ready to sell it and quit quilting. The stress is not worth it. Last year I quilted 65 quilts - 50 were for my church charity quilting group. If I quit, they would be very sad.
  3. Very nice. The dropped ceiling and pot lights made it so much brighter in their. Thanks for sharing. Bobbi from CO
  4. I just got my Lenni the end of Dec. I love it. It is a great machine. I have probably quilted 10 small charity quilts and one twin size quilt since I received my machine.
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