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  1. Thanks. I meant left to right from the front. I did do my last one using a pantograph in the wrong direction, and my thread kept breaking. Now I know why!
  2. I bought my Lucey in the spring and we are still getting aquainted. I was taught to always go from right to left (when using the front), but I've read posts saying that this isn't necessary. Do any of you quilt in both directions? What about when using pantographs? Also, I do a lot of t-shirt quilts made with multicolored shirts. I usually use light gray, silver or white thread. Any thread suggestions when quilting blocks that are all different colors? Thanks for any advice:)
  3. Looking to buy Circle Lord system and boards. If anybody has upgraded to a computerized system and would like to sell, please contact me. Thanks!!!! dunham-cole@outlook.com
  4. Thanks for the help! Are the Circle Lord boards one size fits all machines?
  5. I am a newbie, having recently purchased a 2013 Lucey. I'm considering investing in Circle Lord and/or R&S boards, but I am a little confused. Are the two brands interchangeable? Do I need to purchase a special system or stylus? Are there any recommended websites that demonstrate how to use these? Any feedback or suggestions will be very much appreciated.