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  1. Hi there, I have had my sewing machine for 17 plus years and it works most of the time - I have had it in for repair and it comes back doing the same things I send it in for repair. I have gone on YouTube to see if I could trouble shoot, and I have learned a few things but still it is temperamental at times. I would like to replace it - as I have some projects on the go and would like things to run smoothly. The throat size is nice on my older machine and new machines seem to be extremely smaller than what I have. I don't need a million types of thread stiches or fancy colors on it, all I am thinking that I would like are automatic threading and cutter. I have looked into two machines that I am considering the first is JuKi excite and singer quantum 9960 - lower end in pricing but seems to offer what I am looking for. Are there other machines that anyone can recommend or suggest? I live two hours from a sewing dealer of any kind - and would like to do a bit of research so when I am there, I can ask see and test. I live in Canada and may not have some of the options suggested but I am willing to look in to them before making a final decision. thank you in advance tloagn
  2. Hi there, Have you decided on a price and is the unit sold? Thank you tloagn
  3. Do you still have your machine for sale? Thank you Tina