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  1. Hi! I am new to this forum and a new Longarm Quilter. I also don't have an APQS machine, this is just the best forum I could find that hopefully someone could give me some tips. I quilt with a Kenquilt Royal longarm that is just a champ! I am having trouble with variegated king tut thread, I get lots of skipped stitches and top thread breakage. I have fiddled with tensions to no end. I at first was trying to run the variegated in the bobbin too, but I have switched to solid perma core in the bobbin, but I am still having trouble. It will sew perfect for about a foot or so and then it will either start skipping, or it will break the top thread. Anyone have any tips?? It does seem to be worse when I am pushing away from me or when I am going around a curve. I go from left to right as much as I can and try to keep my speed slow and steady. I have tried groz beckert size 18 in both regular and the titanium needle, and now I am trying a size 20 but still no luck...Help!

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